Malice or Incompetence?

Posted: October 30, 2013 by veeshir in Obama's Fault

According to CBS, the Obamacare website failed every test in the days leading up to 10/1.

So in other words, as they were attacking people who wanted to delay the website as terrorists, seditionists and bomb-throwers (names they won’t use for actual terrorists, seditionists and bomb throwers) they had ample knowledge of the imminent failure.

So did they not delay the website out of malice or imcompetence? And which is worse?

I’d say malice is much worse.

We expect malice and incompetence in huge measures from this crew, but the scope of ensuring the website didn’t work for some nefarious, commie, single-payer purpose is much scarier than that these fools thought the code would magically work because they really wanted it to work.


I’ve had a bad fever and head-ache for a few days, I haven’t slept or eaten much and I’ve been living on OTC medications.  Can you tell?

  1. socklessjoe says:

    I’ve been leaning “malice” for quite a while and finally joined Team Malice when he shut down the open air monuments … and THE FUCKING OCEAN.

  2. veeshir says:

    Oh they’re just full of malice and incompetence, I’m just wondering which made them ignore all the warnings.

    I’m actually leaning toward incompetence just because it seems the law as written was going to cause enough chaos without needing the added chaos of an unworkable website.

  3. […] earlier had a past wondering if the site not working was malice or incompetence,  I was leaning toward incompetence because the alternative was too fucking paranoid, I now have […]

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