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There are more people getting assistance from the gov’t than there are year-round, full time workers.

Or this scary ass baby costume?


Answer? The baby costume. The first thing is too funny considering it’s been a conspiracy theory most of my life before it became reality.

Vid via that confused, maybe a lumberjack guy.

As Drewm says over at Ace’s, Hillary is unlikable as a candidate. She’s too obviously a huckster as she far too obviously postures differently for different audiences.

Funny Update.

Shorter Hillary, “If only those racist, mysognist, terrorist, tea bagging, haters of the VWRC would be civil.”

Now back to our post!

She has no accomplishments of her own except hounding/sheparding Bill Clinton into becoming POTUS.

What did she accomplish at State? The Arab Spring that led to Benghazi. Yay!

So why is she even possibly viable as a candidate?

Her plumbing.

So we know the Dems would be all excited about voting for a woman, they’ve already checked off “Black Man”.

So who else with no accomplishments might be much more palatable adored worshipped than Hillary? Someone who would get the media creaming all over their desks/giant i-Pads, on-air?

Michele Obama.

8 more years of the same crew.

Fail Boat

Posted: October 23, 2013 by veeshir in Random Crap

Cool photographs of shipwrecks (Obamacare joke deleted, I usually go for the obvious but that’s just lazy), the collection is for sale for those who can’t work the left…ummm.. right click option or purists who demand the originals.


Via S Weasel who gets into the actual deal instead of just looking at the pretty pictures.

Nope. Four generations of the Gibson family from the Islands of Scilly were photographers, and 125 years of their shipwreck pictures are going to auction at Sotheby’s.

Suck It Bitches!

Posted: October 23, 2013 by veeshir in Zombies!

Something I’d never thought about.

Zombies are carrion.

I live in a desert in AZ.

If there’s one thing there’s a plethora of in a desert, it’s carrion eaters.

When  an ambulance or police siren goes by on the main road a mile or so away you can hear a whole bunch of coyotes howling like tortured ghosts.

There are always birds of prey going by, including a huge freaking raven(s?), or the biggest crow I’ve ever seen.

While you easterners are fighting for your lives, I’ll be posting movies of coyotes bringing down the zombie hordes and hawks pecking their brains out as they land on their shoulders and go for the eyes.

To repeat myself, suck it bitches!


Sunnis Winning?

Posted: October 23, 2013 by veeshir in Jitardis, Mideast Madness

So the war in Syria between Saudi jihadis and Iranian jihadis must be going poorly for Iranian jihadis.

The state-run Iranian news agency – Ahlul Baht News – called for the end of the House of Saud in a recent article.

Not sure whether that’s good or bad or just sideways (with extra blood and baby-brains splattered everywhere).

I mean, we don’t want Saudi Arabian al Quaeda and their satellites getting stronger but weakening Iran is always a good thing.

Hezbollah has Lebanon as a recruiting ground to get more Iranian-backed jihadis to fight so Lebanon is fucked too as the war spreads there.

The Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front has allegedly assembled four car bombs and sent them to Lebanon,

Of course, the Lebanese allowed Hezbollah to arm up to fight The Joooooooooos! and then acted all surprised and hurt when Hezbollah started killing Lebanese to take over.

So if Hezbollah starts fighting al Quaeda in Lebanon, that’s their own fucking fault, they learned in the 70s civil war what jihadis do to their country and still let it happen again.

So far as I’m concerned, fuck em all.

I’m still in favor of providing transportation to Syria for all flavors of murderous jihadis and giviving them an AK and an RPG when they get there as well as instructions on how to make IEDs Work accidents are funny.


I’d be surprised if Israel hasn’t already started helping,

I mean sure, both groups want to destroy Israel, but if they’re busy killing Muslim babies in Syria and Lebanon they aren’t blowing up Israeli school buses.

It’s like Bush’ “Bring It On” strategery in Iraq except they’re blowing each other up instead of Americans.

Hell, we can hope they get the Palestinian Terrortories involved too. I’d also be surprised if the Israelis are not trying to figure out to make that happen.

Let Shia kill Sunni, the way Allah intended.

A few years ago FrnakJ said, “I’m not saying Obama is out to destroy America, but his actions make more sense if you assume that.”

Case in point.

“Right now,” Odierno said, “we have in the Army two brigades that are trained. That’s it. Two.”

Odierno also revealed that troops shipping out to Afghanistan now are prepared only to train and assist Afghan troops, not to conduct combat operations themselves

…reverse snip…That’s a total of between 7,000 to 10,000 troops

Obama has no fucking idea about how anything but marxist, chicago-machine politics works, he’s shirking the one duty that the Constitution allows him to do and Minitrue is refusing to report on that.

You’ll see lefties claim under Obama the federal gov’t actually shrank.

They’re possibly correct about that. He increased the bureaucracy even more than Bush, but he’s busily cutting the military to the bone.

So as the world is going to hell, he’s slashing our military’s size and readiness.

Once again, it’s all the worst parts of the 90s with the added attraction of looking as if we’d lost the cold war.


I Feel Left out

Posted: October 21, 2013 by veeshir in Brett Kimberlin

Brett Kimberlin’s suit against Ace, Glenn Beck, Michele Malkin and more is pretty darn funny.


You have to love adding Simon and Schuster, that’s a nice touch.

Two things.

Why aren’t we there? DPUD. you’ve obviously been slacking off.

At what point does this become harassment?

Legally I mean, it passed that point long ago in a sane world.

Added later, click the link to see a just a little portion of the hell these people who have had a run in with Brett go through.

I have to wonder, will our fine media betters ever get tired of aiding and abetting the destruction of our nation? I mean, I know they like to see themselves as our paladins, but once they start losing their jobs, health-care and pensions, will they look around and wonder if they should do their actual jobs and not the sycophantic one they’re doing now?

They lie and distort so much it’s ridiculous.

I watched a few minutes of some Foxnews panel earlier and one woman, from the Hill I think, said that MSNBC was mostly partisan, except for middle of the road types like Andrea Mitchell.

That’s when I changed the channel. I don’t really like my crappy TV, but I don’t want to throw stuff through it until I have a new one.

Andrea fucking Mitchell. The woman who said, “Everybody knows Joe Wilson’s wife is in the CIA, he tells everybody in town” and at the beginning of that whole bullshit deal and then never said anything like that again, obviously in the hopes that somehow Fitzmas would be Cheney frog-marched into jail. Fucking lying hag of shit.

Case in point, from the puppy blender linked story above,

If you were a resident in the state with the nation’s highest poverty rate, wouldn’t you think you’d be aware of that fact? – …
But here in California, where the incompetence of the media can scarcely be exaggerated, almost nobody is aware that the Golden State is no. 1 in economic misery. –


Get that? They’re refusing to report exactly how boned CA is because they prefer Democrat rule to honesty.


I have seen pack journalism my entire professional life. But I have never seen anything like the last few years out of Sacramento. –

Change that to DC and it’s just as true.

I used to call them the NYTimesWashPostCNNABCCBSNBCetc. because they were obviously into group-think, but they at least pretended to cover stuff bad for Dems.I mean, they usually slanted the story, blaming the GOP somehow (It’s all about sex!!!!!), but they still covered the story. Now, they only cover how mean the GOP is without covering the story that prompted them to defend their chosen political party.

They got progressively worse in the Bush years and then went full Minitrue for Obama’s coronation.

So will they ever stop sucking Democratic dick? Is it possible? I mean, they’ve been so smugly self-esteemful for so many years that I don’t know if they can ever admit, especially to themselves, how stupid, petty and partisan they’ve been.

But will they start to cover stories differently? Or will I be cooking ‘journalists’ over my book-fire before I cook the dog?

Huh, it appears that some murderous clowns are not all bad.

A gunman in a clown suit has shot dead the oldest brother of one of Mexico’s most notorious drug trafficking families at a children’s party in a beach resort town.

Personally, I blame the victim. What was he thinking inviting a clown in the first place?

I have to wonder if this is the first time a non-suicidal hittee paid the hitman who killed him?


Unrelated, this is why the Middle East is fucked.

The Many Shades of Hezbollah in a Lebanese publication. Apparently, when they’re not killing babies they run day-care and hospitals.

There is only one shade of Hezbollah blood-red with flecks of brain matter


Clown story via i Own the world.

Once again, why we can’t have nice things

Posted: October 19, 2013 by doubleplusundead in FAIL

Yes, it’s a Mediaite link, but dude, WTF?  This d-bag Rick Scarborough (must be something about that name) from a fairly obscure Tea Party group wants to file a class action lawsuit against homosexuality, yannow, like they sued big tobacco in the 90s?  Why yes, there’s audio.  Why, why do we end up with people this goddamned stupid?


Sue ALL the gheys!

I know, I know, obscure dude, all that, liberals love digging up obscure retards like this guy to slander the rest of us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t point out and mock this guy for being a fucking windowlicker.  And like it or not, there is a sizable chunk of the socon movement that is more worried about gay dudes just trying to make a life for themselves than the fact that we’re hurtling towards financial oblivion.

So who the fuck is he actually going to sue? Bravo?

Seriously, I’ve given up, we’re so fucking screwed.

I just hope I have enough ammo when the collapse starts.