Gee, too bad nobody else spotted that too

Posted: November 15, 2013 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP FAIL

I keep seeing this story, “Mitt Romney was correct about a second Obama term!” (link fixed)

Yeah, so was every tea partier in the country, the difference was Mitt was called names by Minitrue and Dem pols, we were called names by the GOP as well.

What all those stories ignore is that Mitt wanted to “fix” obamadebaclecare, not repeal it.

Important Update! It was posted here so most of you probably have never seen it before,

Ace’s post in 2011

Note that we’re not at the stage where the gov’t is handing out ‘free’ care, we’re at the part that Romney calls “fundamentally conservative.”

Yup, he’s quite prognosticatorally superior!

Now back to your regularly scheduled post!

Is this the We’re Better Than You Party trying to soften us up for a Mitt/Jeb Bush ticket?

If so, shoot me now DHS, ATF, NASA, IRS, Social Security, EPA, Coast Guard or whichever SWAT team hates me most today.

Unrelated, I just love this graphic.



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