Posted: November 25, 2013 by socklessjoe in Fun With Media, Lame, Liberal Fascism, Obama's Fault

This dude was a plant.  Little doubt in my mind.

The NBC evening news [spit!] dutifully “reported” that few hecklers get so close to the POTUS.  IIRC, I think they said that he was “invited”, which from what I can gather, means that the whole crowd was invited, and presumably subject to at least minimal vetting. (Also, as I search news articles for this story, I see some outlets are scrubbing the word “invited” from the text.)

Upon hearing this, I immediately became convinced this supposed heckler was a plant.

  • The heckler acts as an aesthetic foil, an angry voice countered by Obama’s calmness.
  • The heckler acts as a sympathetic character, who Obama can agree with on substance.
  • The heckler allows Obama to lie about following the law in a context unrelated to wanton lawlessness with Obamacare.
  • The heckler acts as a distraction from Obamacare, serving as a pivot vehicle.

And he just happened to get close to the President at this event…

  1. veeshir says:

    The most transparent ever.

    Yesterday’s heckler at Obama’s pro-amnesty speech in San Francisco was Ju Hong, an approved guest of the White House and an illegal alien from South Korea who recently graduated from UC Berkeley

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