Chaos and OUTRAGE!

Posted: December 2, 2013 by veeshir in China, Obama's Fault

Simon at Classical Values reads the Puff Hos so I don’t have to.

Apparently someone there wrote a post saying, “Eh, hacking happens all the time, quit yer whining”, which I think is the new Jourolist-Approved Talking Point about the easily hackable database with all of millions of American’s personal data,

So Simon has a question.

OK. Suppose the government loses your Social Security number to hackers. Will they do what credit card companies do and issue you a new one? How long will that take? Will they bother to inform you that your information has been hacked? Will they even know it has been hacked?

Yeah, I’m sure they’ll get right on that. Just dial “0” if you have any questions.

Eric has it right.


You will find out when the IRS suddenly targets you for taxes on income you never had, sends a bill for penalties and interest to an address you never lived at, and then levies against you for “ignoring” the notices you never got!

I seriously can’t tell if the chaos they’re causing here and around the world is on purpose or if they’re all just that fucking stupid.

I’m still trying to figure out which is scarier, they’re both pretty fucking scary.

I promised you an OUTRAGE!, so you get murderous commie dictators.

The murderous commie dictators in China claim they’re sending a rover to the moon.
Here it is, see if you notice something.


That port? That’s for ejecting liquids.

As FrnakJ wrote in 2003:

They’re (commie Chinese V) planning to spit on the American flag we put on the moon!” Bush exclaimed.

Bastids! They’re finally able to carry through their 5-year plan to go to the Moon to put spit on the American flag!

Realistically? I think it will take a miracle for the thing to make it to the Moon and actually land and be useful, but maybe they’ll just crash it into our landing site as a back-up to the spitting thing.

  1. vonzorch says:

    “I seriously can’t tell if the chaos they’re causing here and around the world is on purpose or if they’re all just that fucking stupid.”
    I’m sure it’s deliberate. But then I’m a surly suspicious curmudgeon.

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