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Posted: December 13, 2013 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Notes on the Revolution

Wow,  I had heard about this but didn’t think it would go anywhere, another part of Spain is basqueing in the bright, Iberian sunshine.

Separatist parties have agreed a date and two questions to put to Catalonians on independence for the region.


I certainly didn’t think it would go in this direction

“The government guarantees there won’t be any illegal action in Spain. The realisation of a referendum of this nature will be against the constitution, against the statute of autonomy of Catalonia. The president of the Catalonian government is the state representative in Catalonia and therefore he is bound to comply with the law,” stressed Spanish Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon.


Hmmmm, three sided civil war? Maybe 2 with Catalonia and Basquelonia allying and going against Spain minor.

Which brings us something I had no idea was happening.

The Interior Minister Angelino Alfano warned parliament the unrest could “lead to a spiral of rebellion against national and European institutions.”

…“Our university isn’t a catwalk for those who peddle austerity” read a banner.

Marches, sit-ins and demos took place in other cities including Milan and Turin.

Fourteen policemen have been injured…

The “pitchfork” movement began as a loosely organised group of farmers from Sicily and their aims remain vague beyond demanding the government be replaced and parliament dissolved.

Larger demonstrations are planned in the capital next week.

I’m not sure if that requires a “Wow”, but I do know I’m jealous as hell.

First they have the “Vaffanculo Day” protest election where a comedian won a fairly big election on the explicit promise to gum up the works and now they have a freaking Pitchfork Movement.

Sonomabatch, they’re making us look like slackers.

Also, think about that, the two countries that were generally lumped in with Greece are having these problems.

There’s crazy stuff gong on everywhere these days.

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