Lessons Not Learned

Posted: December 23, 2013 by veeshir in Random Crap

So when last we saw the National Review in a free speech controversy, we had Derbyshire trying to start that dialogue on race we always hear about.

Derbyshire was fired of course. Can’t have a dialogue on race where unpalatable truths are uttered, where whitey does not apologize for being all white and shit.

Steyn had a Corner comment about how the lynching of Derb was a bad idea. Of course, he was attacked for that, he should have learned his lesson.

So here we have Mark Steyn opining on the Duck Dynasty guy Who Must Be Shunned By All Right Thinking People.

So his editor felt the need to explain to Steyn how he needs to shut his pie hole, some things are just beyond the pale. Sure we have free speech and shit, but not if it offends someone important.

Steyn replies.

Geez, I usually respect Steyn, but he should have learned from the Derbyshire dustup that the National Review is not willing to support the wrong speech any more than they are to support non-establishment GOPers, those things keep you from getting all the good invites to all the right parties.


  1. Oeberon says:

    It seems that perhaps National Review is more willing than in the past to support “wrong” speech. Jack Fowler, the publisher of NR, has smacked down Mark Steyn’s editor, Jason Steorts. Da Tech Guy has a good write-up here: http://datechguyblog.com/2013/12/23/nro-cracker-barrels/

    • veeshir says:

      Haven’t tubed in a while, I clicked your link.

      Ain’t buying it.
      He wrote that only after Steyn’s editor doubled down and set up a further uproar and then finished it with a plea for money to fight Penn State going after their free speech.

      Seems to me they’re worried about their free speech but still don’t like those damn teabaggers and Sarah Palin.

  2. […] December I wrote a post saying that Steyn really needed to pay more attention to his employers at […]

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