Maybe We Can Sell Puerto Rico or Guam or Something

Posted: January 10, 2014 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Government FAIL, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault, PEBKAC

Zero Hedge says 92 million people are not in the labor force. I assume this is where they get their data (they don’t link it, poor show)

That means almost 30% are not working as google tells me there are 313.9 million Americans.
According to wikipedia google, 20% are below 14 while 13% are above 65 so 100-20-13=67.

So, taking out 14 and 15 year olds leaves us 65% (Kentucky bourbon windage).

65% of 314 million is 204 million or so.

Take out 92 Million and that means that somewhere 55% of working-age adults are supporting the rest of working age Americans and non-working age Americans.

Yeah, I know those above working age paid into SS, but that money is long gone, it’s coming from the current crop of working Americans. I also know that those on unemployment paid in, but again, that money is long gone. The “Lock-Box” on all that stuff is kept in Nancy Pelosi’s basement where she keeps her heart and a bunch of IOUs.

Once you’re used to being broke, you can “make” more money from welfare stuff than you can from going to work so expect more and more of that 55% to go Galt.

Further, 100%-30 (unemployed)-20 (young)-13(old)=37%.

Take off our bourbon approved 2% and you have somewhere  35% of Americans supporting everybody else.

That doesn’t make it any less fucking endy.

I just don’t see how that can last very long while our moral, political, economical and social betters are spending $1 trillion more a year than they’re taking in.

I figure what will happen is that somewhere around QE 56 we’ll have Weimar/Zimbabwe level of inflation or they’ll just have to reduce all types of welfare, unemployment and social security.

Either way, the riots start. My old plan was to head for the Catskills, but that’s pretty far. I don’t know the Superstitions (near where I live in AZ), but I know there are lakes and a river there so that’s where I’m heading. Ask for Veeshir if you come.

*Now, the .gov link say something above 60% or so of working age adults are working, the discrepancy is probably some mix of my windage, them not counting people who are disabled or otherwise not able to work and .gov just flat out lying.

  1. Rob in Katy says:

    Damn Math!

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