Foosball And Terrorism

Posted: January 12, 2014 by veeshir in Random Crap

Well, 10 minutes into the game and we can see who the refs have money on.

3 bullshit calls on Carolina and 3 non-calls that should have been called on San Fran in 10 minutes.

I don’t like either team, but I hate cheating asshole refs.

Bring Back The Replacement Refs!!!!!!!!!!! They suck on accident!

Update on foosball, I don’t like Carolina, but I really hate the whiny bitches in San Fran.

Now, back to the post.

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now. It’s the Internet Archive of the page from Kavkaz dot org (used to be from Free Chechnya, now they’re just terrorists) in early October of 02 where the former President of non-Russian Empire Chechnya (he’s dead now) had a Q &A on terrrorism.

Before that, they were anti-terrorist, but then Bush said, “Chechnya who?” and they knew they were on their own.

Q…president of USA, George Bush addressed to Chechen leadership with an appeal «to cut off all relations with international terrorism, with Osama bin Laden and his organization «Al-Qaeda».

A…Frankly speaking, we were surprised that George Bush made such an announcement.We have no connection with Bin Laden….

We have no connection with Osama bin Laden, with his organization «Al-Qaeda».

In territory of Ichkeria, there is no fighter from «Al-Qaeda» and never was.

They were on Afghanistan’s side, why? And why am I cutting them slack?

Afghanistan is the unique country in the world, which recognized independence of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.

Bush, of course, told Tsar Putin I he could do what he wanted. So he did stuff like this


That used to be downtown Grozny. Then Tsar Putin I decided to ring it with artillery and pull a Hama where he killed tens of thousands of people. Nobody gave a shit. Tsar Putin also killed any journalists who tried to get in, they stopped trying.

The Russians were killing and then raping people (men, women and children, in that order) and then selling the bodies back to the families. Any male over 14 or so in any area where the Russians went were killed and then their bodies sold back to the families.

The money quote

Last events have shown the true value of so-called democratic values. Having bargained with the Russian empire and actually having betrayed Ichkeria, having trembled their own ideals, the west has shown, that their value is small. But this tender will not have any consequences and influence on mujahideen. We shall continue the fair struggle till to full victory, Insha Allah!

So they turned to terrorists for help and ended up where you always end up when you let Islamic terrorists help you. Involved with Islamic shitheads.

Unlike the Lebanese, I have sympathy for the Chechens.

They were being slowly destroyed as a people and their only allies were Islamic shitheads after Bush rolled them under the bus for some bullshit from Tsar Putin I that he immediately repudiated as Tsar Putin I was unleashing a real terrorist war on Chechnya, including torture, murder, rapine and destruction of cities.

  1. jp says:

    Terrorism is nothing new to Chechnya. It’s been an Islamic hellhole for over 500 years. As with any Islamic country, the violence there is never limited to the “fight for independence” sales pitch. I have no sympathy.

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