When The Levee Breaks

Posted: January 15, 2014 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Obama's Fault

If you’re goin’ down South
They got no work to do,
So you don’t know about Chicago.

Cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ is agin the law,

Gone, gone  Chicago… Gone to Chicago…
Going down… going down now… going down…..

Recall that in the Before Time, when Evil Overlord Bush Cheney was ruling, a memo that said, “Al Quaeda is going to try to attack us by hijacking planes” was prima facie evidence that Bush Knew!!!!!!.

We’re not in the Before anymore, se’re in the Now.

Ntice that in this 25 paragraph article, they mention Obama 2 times(unsafe, Minitrue link to Wash Post) and not until the 9th paragraph and nowhere is the name Hillary Clinton.

It (“long-delayed Senate intelligence committee report” V)  says the State Department failed to increase security at the sites despite warnings and faults intelligence agencies for not sharing information about the existence of the CIA outpost with the U.S. military.

The State Dept’s fault. Not tied to any person really… certainly not Obama. Let’s let Winston Smith explain. (first mention of Obama, paragraph 9)

The account sheds little light on the most politicized aspect of the incident — questions about whether the Obama administration deliberately played down the terrorist origins of the attacks. The committee described the attacks as opportunistic and said there was no specific advance warning that they were about to be carried out.

Wait, what? You just said that there was warning. Oh, you said, “Specific.” I get it, just because you had a warning that there was going to be a terrorist attack soon there was no reason to think that some sort of terrorists attack might happen on 9/11.

That’s pathetic even by Minitrue standards.

A little attempt at an appearance of a fig leaf of balance later on

The committee’s minority criticized the White House for obstructing the report, which the committee had wanted to complete much earlier, and accused Patrick Kennedy, U.S. undersecretary of state for management, of shielding the Obama administration from Congressional oversight.

That included Susan Collins who got a little testy with Kennedy (D-Hereditary), but they’re the minority so their opinions don’t matter. .

Nother story that does shed light on that “journalists” editorial comment above

Now testimony by Gen. Carter Ham, head of AFRICOM at the time of attack, before the House Committee on Armed Services in June 2013 suggests that Defense officials did not raise the prospect of an out-of-control demonstration and immediately deemed the incident an attack.

Okay, ou’ve all seen it.

Se either Obama and crew were lying from the first seconds of the attack or a general going to brief his Commander in Chief did not mention a terrorist attack on an ambassador. Hmmmmm, now that’s a conundrum. For the record, I tried to find a story on this at the Washington Post to see how they handled it, they didn’t have one. Assholes. They’re still trying to hold back the levee.

Another case in point from Minitrue.

The Associated Press is now reporting that congressional testimony from CIA personnel and contractors “bolster” the agency’s denial…(of this story from Faux News V)

Fox News has learned from sources who were on the ground in Benghazi that an urgent request from the CIA annex for military back-up during the attack on the U.S. consulate and subsequent attack several hours later on the annex itself was denied by the CIA chain of command — who also told the CIA operators twice to “stand down”

Okay, that’s funny.

Especially since that article has this part

At least one of those security contractors, a former U.S. Army Ranger, was told to “wait” at least twice, and he argued with his security team leader,

So nobody was told to stand down, they were told to “wait”, until the next day. That’s totally different being told to stand down. Because Fuck You.

(Updated bit about previous link to try to make it clear what I meant)

Further, we’ve seen story after story about how they refused to send people even though people were begging to be sent and the Wash Fucking Post has the balls to print that editorial comment in news chothing.

This one is especially infuriating, from Panetta’s outgoing Senate briefing.

Panetta and Dempsey repeatedly blamed an “intelligence failure” or an “intelligence gap” for the lack of preemptive action to strengthen security in Benghazi.

That’s perjury, right? We just saw that there was no intelligence failure, (except for the intelligence of the people who voted for fucking Obama), they just failed to heed the warnings that they shouldn’t have fucking needed. Every America military, law enforcement and emergency medical asset everywhere should be on full alert on 9 fucking 11 you fucking assholes.

Oh wait, I forgot. Laws mean nothing to our Nobility. If Clinton can have droit du seigneur, Panetta, Hillary, Holder, et al. can lie to Congress

So why do I say the levee’s breaking?

Because Obama has become so used to a fully functioning Minitrue that people trusted that he’s become more and more authoritarian and acting contrary to America’s interests.

So in other words the right people are sick of looking like idiots, hell, even Peggy Noonan has written an article or two about how Obama’s new clothes are not really all that great.

The catalyst seems to have been Gates’ book, which elucidated the obvious such that people have to notice it.

BOB GATES: It started with (Biden V)voting against assistance to Vietnam, the assistance package at the end of Vietnam War that basically left the South Vietnamese government high and dry. I think he said with the fall of the Shah that this “represented progress towards human rights in Iran” when the Ayatollah took over. He voted against almost every element of the Reagan defense buildup, the B-1, the B-2, the MX missile. [He] opposed Reagan’s approach to trying to deal with the Soviet Union. [He] voted against the first Gulf War. Those are a few examples.

“Those are a few examples”.

That can be one of the best quotes about you, or the most damning.

You know the other reason I’m thinking the levee’s breaking on Dems being able to lie about key stuff with impunity?

Because we’ve passed the point of no return on spending, we can’t cut spending on the welfare stuff because tens of millions of people think they’re owed my stuff, the world is going fucking crazy and they all know deep in their hearts that America is no longer on the side of freedom.

In other words, it’s too late for people to wake up.

You have to admit, that’s kind of funny.

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