Okay, I might want a Smart Car

Posted: January 20, 2014 by doubleplusundead in Random Crap

But only if it has a Hayabusa motor dropped in it.

Yeah, I know, it’s old enough that Numa Numa Guy was like holy FUCK that is old!  But still, that is awesome, it’s like a little go-kart on crack.  I wish they’d kept it stock looking, I love a good sleeper car.

  1. Overload in CO says:

    It’s not a bad deal. A Smart is already RWD. The cost of a Smart plus the conversion is around $25,000. MPG drops into the 20s.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    BULLSHIT! If you dropped a cold fusion reactor into the Smart Car, it would not beat a modern
    Ferrari. The entry level Ferrari’s are pushing 200MPH these days with 0-60 time in under 4

    You might be able to beat these figures if you dropped a smart car from 40,000 feet, but it would
    be a one way trip for the driver. You could not put a big enough engine into this car and make it
    beat a Ferrari! What is more, is that it’s lack of aerodynamics at speed would kill the driver.

  3. veeshir says:

    Do an image search for Smart Car Mods and check out the Porsche, Vette and other sport cars bodies for them.

    I’d almost want one with the Porsche body and that engine.

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