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Remember this from Obama’s lawyer at the Supreme Court in 2011 when they were arguing that Obamacare was gonna be all puppies and unicorns?

Katyal, when asked about the individual mandate, pointed out that the mandate “only kicks in after people have earned a minimum amount of income,” so what’s the big deal? “Someone doesn’t need to earn that much income.”

Of course not, it was linked at some blog nobody reads.

It’s funny how they pointed that out so specifically and yet Minitrue is acting as if it was an unintended consequence that’s actually great cuz now you’re freed from responsibility for yourself.

It appears Saudi Arabia is ramping up the war against Iran.

The moment Syria’s southern rebels have been waiting for is drawing closer. With the newly announced “Southern Front” group uniting 49 of the south’s moderate factions, the opposition’s momentum in the battle for Damascus may have just gotten a significant boost.

…last January, when Saudi-purchased Croatian weapons …destined for Syria’s “moderate armed opposition.”

So here comes the Southern Offensive, with al Quaeda fighting Iran’s puppets,  Syria/Hezbollah.

Obama’s fecklessness has actually resulted in some good, let jihadi kill jihadi.

Since so many of you are on the east coast and it’s late there now, by the time you read this in the morning I fully expect you to be watching the war in Ukraine on TV.

I’m wondering what’s going to happen, Yanukovich is making noises like he’s expecting to be back in charge soon so somehow I doubt the Russians are only going to take the Crimea.

Tsar Putin I doesn’t have a huge army poised on their northern border as he invades in the south just to ‘secure’ some bases.

He’s spent far too much money to just say, “So long and thanks for all the fish.”


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Okay, I wasn’t sure about taking someone’s map, so here’s one I drew that’s not to scale or even very well done, but it gets my point across.

Deluxe type mapYou can’t read the key so here it is

Dark blue is Ukraine who’s been owned and about to be/being invaded by Russia after kicking out their Tsarling.

Light blue is Romania who’s been invaded/been owned by Russia.

Purple is Poland who’s been invaded/been owned by Russia.

Yellow is Belarus who’s a brutal dictatorship run by a Tsarling.

Red is Russia, who’s invaded/owned all countries on map.

Not shown, a few other neighboring countries that were all invaded and owned by Russia at one point, like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and more.

So what are Romania, Poland and their neighbors going to do about Tsar Putin I invading their friend/neighbor?

Especially considering they spent 50 years being owned by Russia thanks to FDR’s love of Stalin.

Recall, we slowed down our troops and  thereby extended WWII to let the Russians take ownership of eastern Europe and part of Germany.

Poland and friends, fresh from Obama throwing them under the bus in relation to missile defense, are watching Russia getting all invasiony and know that the US does not have their back.

Germany also knows that the US is fucking useless, what are they going to do? Hell, even France has had to have balls lately.

Hmmmmm, so the question is basically whether this is WWI, WWII or tanks rolling into Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

We all know Obama’s (non) reaction  but what about the Europeans who’ve seen this movie before?

While they might have liked the ending last time, acts I and II were less than fun.

While the suspense if killing me, they’re about to be killed for real.


Really Charles? Really?

Quoth Krauthammer on the “All Star Panel”

Everybody is shocked at the weakness of Obama’s statement.

Everybody? Geez, I guess ‘everybody’ has not been paying any fucking attention at all.

I was wrong, Obama didn’t go to a fundraiser after saying weak shit, he went to a DNC event and gave a speech about how the Dems were going to win the election!!!!! For America!!!!!.

Not sure if it was also a fundraiser.

UPDATE: Everybody’s saying it was a fundraiser, so he couldn’t go golfing because of weather but he did attend a fundraiser after giving his ‘warning’.

See? Transparently transparent.

On Russia invading Ukraine.

Massing warships

Massing troops.

I say 5 days and I’m taking the under. (added, I think 2 days max)

It costs millions to do that and Russia doesn’t have enough money to do that for show.

Plus, Tsar Putin I really wants his empire back.


Obama: I’m very concerned and I would say that both sides should step back and negotiate a reasonable solution.

Then he goes golfing and attends a fundraiser or two.

Kerry: The Israelis need to give up Jerusalem to the Palestinians

Hagel: Why won’t anybody talk to me?

Last year.

“I have not done anything wrong.”

Today’s headline.

Lois Lerner wants immunity in exchange for IRS testimony.



Remember that building with apartments full of single Somali men, a mosque and a halal grocery that blew up that was demolished before any investigation but we were assured it was not terrorism?

The authorities said it was a gas leak but the gas company said, “Ummmm, no.”

So now, via Gates of Vienna doing their own investigation we see this.

The EUnuchs have this report

imposing certain specific restrictive measures directed against certain persons and entities associated with Usama bin Laden, the Al-Qaida network and the Taliban

With this guy in the list

Jama, Garad (a.k.a. Nor, Garad K.) (a.k.a. Wasrsame, Fartune Ahmed, 2100, Bloomington Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Eh, so it’s EUnuchs, why did they think that

U.S. Treasury lists terror associates

WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 (UPI) — The White House and U.S. Department of Treasury on Wednesday released additions to the list identifying individuals, organizations and businesses with links to terrorist organizations.

We told them he was involved in terrorism.

Guess what else he does?

According to the MN Secretary of State website, Garad Nor is recorded as a “Registered Agent” of Wadani Properties, the company that owned and managed the apartments of the Cedar-Riverside building located at 510 and 512 Cedar Ave South that exploded and burned on January 1. In some reports, Garad Nor himself as listed as the owner. (links in original V)

The more I see on this the more likely it appears to me that the authorities think that it was a work accident.

A building at least managed, if not owned, by a guy the US gov’t claims is affiliated with al Quaeda and/or the Taliban (I’d say just al Quaeda, the Taliban is kind of racist) mysteriously blows up and yet, they immediately said, “No terrorism” and demolished  it before they could investigate.

Geez, and that’s why the only people afraid of Obama are American citizens.

I know lots of people don’t like Gates of Vienna, but what I’ve quoted is them reporting what they’ve found on official websites.

There are a lot of data points that seem to lead to the conclusion that our fine governmental and journalistic betters believe it’s a work accident.

Some pics of terrorists below the fold. (more…)

I Think We’ve Found MoronPundit

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Felony facecocking.


California has the gov’t they want. I hope they’re enjoying it.

I’ve seen this story but didn’t think much of it until I read it.

San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore has decided not to request the full U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to review a ruling, involving his department, that struck down the state’s law on issuing concealed weapons permits. (saying “May issue” is no bueno, it must be “shall issue” V)

Sounds good so far, so why didn’t he appeal it and why am I pissed?

Gore, however, has opted to stick with his department’s rules, noting that the ruling is not yet final.

Because the motherfucker is not going to pay attention to the ruling.  That’s who Californians want to enforce their laws.

If he’s going to ignore it, why appeal? They can use that money to get an MRAP in case he needs it to home invade some guy who thinks the Constitution is meant to restrict the gov’t.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has made a similar decision not to change its requirements while the issue is still before the legal system.


So nobody’s appealing it and it’s still before the legal system? Motherfuckers.

Remember that rule of law? Yeah, me neither.

Which reminds me of this link from a Venezuelan I wanted to post.


Ban re-election

I used to be totally against term limits, now I’m not so sure. Such laws encode in our legal system that people are too stupid to know how to vote so they need to be protected from themselves.

I still find the whole idea repugnant, but I also try to be an empiricist so my resolve is wavering seeing who people re-elect.

Apparently, Dingell’s wife is going to inherit the seat he inherited from his father 58 years ago.

That’s 29 terms, surpassing the Grand Kegel* himself, the conscience of the Senate, Senator, I Would Die Before I’d Serve With Race Mongrels, Byrd.

The Constitution might not be a suicide pact, but I’ve found that civilizations don’t need a pact to commit suicide.

*Not a typo.

Important Update Below!!!!!

Global warmmongers lie, it’s what they do.

They’ve been flailing around blaming the global worming “pause” on everything but the Sun, so now they claim it’s volcanoes that are doing it.

But wait, global worming is caused by rising CO2, right? And volcanoes emit fantabulous amounts of CO2, right?

So in other words, more CO2 emitted by evil people causes global worming while more CO2 emitted by natural volcanoes pauses global worming.

The science is settled dontcha know. What are you, some kind of denier?

In related news, the mann who lied about winning a Nobel Prize, who sues people who point out his serial “mistakes”, and who is…well, let’s let Mark Steyn tell you, he’s already being sued.

Steve McIntyre continues his examinations of Dr Mann’s false claims to have been “exonerated” by various investigations and inquiries. As Steve has said, these claims are as false as his claim to be a Nobel Laureate, which he made in the original complaint….

(from Mann’s defence  claiming he was proven correct V)…The report examined whether manipulation or suppression of data occurred and concluded that “the scientists’ rigor and honesty are not in doubt. [38 – Muir Russell Report]”…

…Sir Muir’s findings apply only to the “CRU scientists” – that’s to say, employees of the University of East Anglia, …. So, as evidence of Michael Mann’s “exoneration”, the best his lawyers can come up with is a fake quote from a report exonerating some people he happens to be acquainted with.

The defence…(defense?) rests.

Well, not so much important as hilarious update! Via the Warmlist we see a story from 2009 claiming that Global Worming is helping al Quaeda and the Taliban.

This is not a photoshop

ABC Al Qaeda and Taliban Being Helped By Global Warming 1


Good news and bad news

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The good news is that nobody has died from this entirely preventable disease outbreak so far:

Just as California’s record-setting flu season seems to be fading, with 278 deaths confirmed as of Friday, health officials warned that another infectious and sometimes deadly virus has arrived — measles.

Fifteen Californians have come down with measles thus far this year, officials said. And nearly half had opted against childhood vaccination against the disease through the state’s personal beliefs exemption.

The article goes on to quote an epidemiologist who notes that there were only two reported cases in the state at this time last year. Oh, and there’s also this…

For every measles case, Chavez said, there may be dozens of people local health officials must track to assure the disease hasn’t spread. Earlier this week, fears emerged that thousands of people might have been exposed to measles when a sick UC Berkeley student traveled on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system.

And who the hell knows how many of those people or the children they come into contact with aren’t vaccinated?

Which brings me to the bad news. Namely, that this stupid bint can somehow still appear in public without being pelted with garbage.

$1800 for that chit?

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And it’s a fucking .22?  Also, there’s no fucking way in hell I’m wearing a digital watch unless I’m swimming or hiking, and even then.   I also wonder how this firearm functions as a firearm?   Is it reliable, or does it jam every third round?


Didn’t a bunch of Armatix’s patents just expire?  They had all this time to develop on their patents and all they managed to create was a blocky ugly-assed .22 with a price tag that would make an HK fanboy wince?  Let’s see when they build a 9mm with Glock 17 capacity and reliability and priced in a reasonable manner, having put the technology through serious testing.  Putting this system in a .22 is one thing, but can it handle a steady long term diet of 9mm, .40 or .45, or .44 magnum, since some on the left think that this shit can just be retrofiited to all da guns.