Consent Of The Governor

Posted: February 4, 2014 by veeshir in Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault

Not the governed anymore.

I’m still planning on a “300th day of the IRS scandal” post and one at the one year mark, but today’s is just too chock full of Fuck You America that I’m doing it today, Day 271.

Americans for Tax Reform: Obama IRS Openly Prepares to Silence Conservative Grassroots Groups

The Blaze: How Jay Carney Defended Obama’s ‘Not Even a Smidgen’ Claim on IRS Scandal

Daily Caller: Obama’s Intervention in FBI Investigation of IRS Is Fine, Says Carney

Dallas Morning News: Obama Doesn’t Need Investigation to Clear IRS of Corruption

Fox News: George Will: IRS Targeting Scandal on Par With Watergate, Iran-Contra

Government Executive: Justice Will Not Allow Investigator of IRS Scandal to Testify

Investor’s Business Daily: A Smidgen of Baloney

Law 360: Obama Defends IRS in Super Bowl Interview With O’Reilly

Life Site News: Conservative Groups Push Back After Obama Claims No Corruption in IRS Targeting

National Center Blog: On DOJ’s Investigation of the IRS: The Fix is In, and Here’s How We Know

National Review: Obama to O’Reilly: Fox News to Blame for IRS Scandal

National Review: Will’s Take: IRS Scandal Up There with Watergate, Iran–Contra

News Busters: Obama Lashes Out at O’Reilly Over Tough Benghazi and IRS Questions

News Max: Sen. Hatch Scolds IRS Over Bonuses

PJ Media: Obama: ‘Not a Smidgeon’ of Corruption in IRS Abuse

Powerline Blog: The Obama Administration Moves to Silence 501(c)(4) Organizations

Town Hall: IRS Corruption: Depends on What the Meaning of “Corruption” Is

Town Hall: Obama Using the IRS to Quash Dissent

Wall Street Journal: Obama’s Troublesome IRS Denials

Washington Times: Embattled IRS Plans Employee Bonuses for 2013 Work

You’ll have to click through for most of the links, but I want to highlight George Will’s, “This is as bad as Watergate and Iran/Contra!


Watergate was a hated POTUS doing what previous POTUSes had done except in the 70s the media went all out to get him. He won that election in a landslide, the bugging was unnecessary, but that’s what all pols used to do. The media just hated Nixon so it was the SCANDAL OF THE CENTURY!!!!!!!

As for Iran/Contra, not just No, not just No Way, but No Fucking Way.

Ronnie Raygun broke laws to help keep commies, the enemies of America if not the Democratic party, from taking over the countries south of us against the will of Congressional Democrats who, as in Vietnam and indeed, the whole Cold War, were rooting for the commies and helping them as much as possible.

The IRS scandal is a POTUS breaking the law to attack his domestic, political enemies.

Further, the previous two were driven by our fine media betters, this one is ignored by our media betters.

The only way they’re similar is if you’re a Beltway Insider where reality is what elitist jackholes think it is.

If what he’s trying to say is that they’re as big as the other two, no.

In the previous two, the media went all out on the attack, in this one the media’s gone all out to defend.

If you want to say that the IRS/Benghazi/Fast and Furious/Obamacare lies/more stuff that I don’t want to remember should be as big, yes.

But that’s not what’s happening.

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