This Post Is Less Unsure What It’s About But Still Pretty Confused

Posted: February 5, 2014 by veeshir in Exploding things, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Obama's Fault, Uncategorized

Remember the explosion in that building housing a few apartments filled with single men from Somalia, a halal grocery and a mosque in Minneapolis?

Well, if you read this blog, you would. I wasn’t sure what the deal was.

At the time, I was unsure what the hell had happened, it looked like a work-accident, but that doesn’t happen here and I didn’t like the idea that it might, so I shied from that.

The police and the people writing about it were making unsupported statements that seemed, to me, to point out that everybody involved thought it was a work accident. The police said the explosion was probably a gas leak, but the gas people had this to say. (you’d know this if you ever read this blog)

We had no natural gas in the area,” said Rebecca Virden, basing her information on CenterPoint’s own investigation and testing in the area.

If it were attributed to natural gas, Virden added, “the roof would come off, the walls would come out.”

The ATF and FBI are now investigating.  So I expect that we’ll never know what happened because if it was a work accident, we can’t have Obama admitting that terrorists are working in the US.

That link is from last month, but I just looked to see what had happened so I just found it.

So why did I look for that? Glad you asked.

Federal authorities converged on an apartment building in Midtown Atlanta after a reported fire injured a Georgia Tech student Tuesday. Atlanta Police have identified the student as doctoral student, Saamer Akhshabi…

Atlanta Fire discovered “what appeared to be a molotov cocktail along with several other plastic bottles filled with liquid” during their investigation.

Who’s Saamer Akshabi?

I am a graduate student …Before joining Georgia Tech in Fall 2009, I spent four wonderful years at University of Tehran completing my B.Sc. in computer engineering.

Oh, well that’s fine. I mean, just because before he came to America and blew himself up he spent 4 wonderful years in Tehran doesn’t mean he met any terrorists while there or that he thinks the Mad Mullahs are Da Bomb.

Import, Utterly Unsurprising Update!!!!!!

Saamer was an Obama fan

Surprise! Surprise! Sur…wait, that was totally unsurprising.

Now back to your post!


So, now we have what appear to be two work accidents, although Saamer might just be Sudden Jihadi Syndrome.

In 2010 I was expecting the world to blow up.

I realized that the evil dewars weren’t ready.

I’ve been expecting something to happen each spring since, they need to have Obama as POTUS to lauch a war. If they wait until Hillary! is in office, she might decide she needs a few dead foreigners to make sure she gets re-elected.

Obama and company will not attempt to solve anything, they’ll start blaming someone else, they’ll tell both the invaders and the invadees to step back and then they’ll say the GOP is keeping them from responding, then they’ll make a few more EPA regulations.

Obama will attend a few fundraisers and jet off to Martha’s Vineyard. Hawaii might be too close to the fallout from the war in the Pacific.

So if it’s getting ready to start, they might want a wave of attacks here to get Obama’s attention. He can take more of our freedoms and abolish more of the Constitution while Doing Something!

Some may call me paranoid, but I prefer to thing of myself as very paranoid.

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