Parnoid Enough

Posted: February 6, 2014 by veeshir in Government FAIL, Nanny State, Notes on the Revolution

I never got a CCW in VA I also don’t have one in AZ, but here I can carry as the Constitution says.

Because I don’t like the idea of the gov’t knowing I carry. Now I’m happy I do that, recall the guy who the MD police harassed because he had a CCW and now we see this.

So we all saw Radley’s Balko’s story with vid on cops home-invading people, disabling their home security and lying about the events (they claimed they knocked before entering, for instance, but you can see them knock and storm in with no pause) , the people they wanted weren’t there and it was credit card fraud, not some violent felon.

So now we find out why they home-invaded that way.  One of the people in the house had a CCW, he was not one of the people they wanted.

But citing the fact that one of the occupants in the house — Justin Ross — had applied and was approved for a gun permit  is probably most disturbing of all. First, hardened criminals who are a threat to kill cops tend not to be the sort of people who bother with permits, or to register their firearms with the government.

Exactly. Law-abiding gun owners abide by the law. If they had knocked, he would have let them in if they had a warrant.

So in other words, the cops are attacking the homes of people who legally carry guns. As Radley (who left Reason for the Puff Hos and now the Wash Post but who’s totally not a leftist libertarian) says,

But it’s much more likely that Justin Ross might feel the need to defend himself upon hearing unidentified parties break down two doors, followed by the sight of several armed men in his home. Indeed, that’s very nearly what happened.

They’re courting a Cory Maye scenario, cops busted in, they claimed they yelled cops, he claimed they didn’t, he killed on of the black-clad home invaders and was on death row for a decade before he was pardoned, not declared innocent.

Mother fucking mother fuckers.

That’s my scariest scenario, some tactical operators acting tactically home-invade me without announcing who they are and I shoot one.

Or worse, they shoot me. I hate when that happens.

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