Now I’m Pissed

Posted: February 9, 2014 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault

I pride myself on my paranoia, my worry is that I’m either too paranoid or not paranoid enough. I can quell that paranoia so I usually assume I’m too paranoid and act accordingly.

As I was tubing this morning I realized I’m not even close to paranoid enough, with the current crew running our federal gov’t (all three branches), it’s impossible to be paranoid enough without looking like a crazed loon worrying about ancient aliens running our world from their pyramidal lairs around the world.

The other day I was noting that it surely looked like a work-accident in that apartment explosion in Minneapolis but that it didn’t appear the authorities were interested in actually doing a real investigation and letting us know the result.

I was not paranoid enough.

They demolished it a couple days after the explosion. So in other words, not only are they not serious about the investigation, they’ ve made it so that there is nothing to investigate. Now I’m sure the authorities think it’s a work accident. Why cover it up otherwise?

As with the people shooting power stations in California and Tennessee*, Nidal Hassan, possible work accidents like the the Minneapolis and the Iranian at Georgia Tech in the post on work accidents, murderous SUV-driving Iranians and more, they immediately say, “Not Terrorism” or “lone wolf” and it disappears from the news. They have to head off the BACKLASH AGAINST MUSLIMS that never materializes.

Our gov’t is conspiring with Minitrue to make us less safe. The only job the gov’t is supposed to have is keeping people from killing me and taking my stuff and they’re not even attempting that.

Another bit where I wasn’t paranoid enough/didn’t really understand how much Chicago Machine Politics dominates our nation was something else I wrote about yesterday.

I noted that the USPS was trying to get into pay day/bottom feeding lending/check cashing (PDF warning).

What I didn’t remember was Operation Choke Pointwhere the Obama admin was, in a typically lawless manner, going after payday/bottom feeding lending/check cashing companies.

So as the criminal element in charge of our nation is going after a segment of the free market (which segment I don’t like but it’s not the govt’s decision to stop), another part of their criminal regime is trying to get the gov’t involved in it.

Seriously, how is it possible to be paranoid enough without going too far and starting to worry about the Annunaki coming back to KILL US ALL?

*I’m not saying the shootings at the power plants are Islamic terrorism, I’m just talking about how they immediately declare, “Not Terorrism”. Further, if a Muslim is discovered to be the perpetrator, they say, ‘No ties to terrorism”, like Nidal Hassan.

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