Lies, Lies, Everywhere Is Lies

Posted: February 10, 2014 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah

Blocking out the truthery, tweaking people’s minds

b’lieve this, don’t b’lieve that, can’t you dig the lies?

The Puppy Blender has a link to this article about how nobody calls out blatant lies anymore with this perfect quote

The case in point is Television personality Bill O’Reilly who, in his pre-Super Bowl interview with Barack Obama, suffered the President to tell him – and his audience of millions – that the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups had been a minor “bonehead” mistake in the Cincinnati office, because there is “not even a smidgen of corruption” in that agency. O’ Reilly knew but did not say that both he and the President know this to be a lie,

All the blow-dried teleprompter readers do the same thing, they are lied to and they just nod and go about their business.

He does note that, like O’Reilly above, they are afraid that if they call out the lying lies from their blatantly lying interviewees, they will not be able to interview anybody. Infotainment has become disinfotainment in other words.

He doesn’t note that many are obviously woefully unprepared for their interview so they often have no idea what is a lie. Cavuto has some global warmmongers on who say in 5 years the North Pole will be ice free, he obviously did not know that they’ve been saying that for more than 5 years and the North Pole stays stubbornly ice-full.

I’m not sure if it’s been getting worse and worse or if it’s always been this bad and we just didn’t have the intertubes to debunk their lies. It seems worse even though there have been some pretty spectacular lying lies that have caused untold trouble.

UPDATED: Forgot this one.

Like that Hillary Clinton  is anything but a slimy piece of vindictive chit who aided an abetted her women-abusing, classless, dishonest husband for personal gain. Now back you our regularly scheduled post!

Like Rachel Carson’s genocide in Africa. Excuse me, St. Rachel Carson, murderer of uncounted/uncountable Africans from malaria and other insect-borne disease.

Or Che Guevara’s murderousness. Totten should not have had to write that article, that he does is a very sad indictment of the American educational/informational system.

Or that commie countries have never been anything but murderous totalitarians.

These days even the freaking History Channel is a bunch lying sensationalists. When they’re not showing Pawn Stars of course.

That link is about the Anunnaki from the History Channel show Ancient Aliens where they lie* and tendentiously intone Some scientists say that this could be…”, which isn’t a lie in and of itself, any competent scientist will say that all manner of things “could be“, like there could be a thriving alien civilization under the surface of the Moon or Rosie O’Donnell could be pretty if she took off 300 lbs, very unlikely but still in the realm of possibility, but to put that into anything claiming to be “fact” while not noting how unlikely is a lie.

They also have blatant lies like this

Ancient Aliens: The term Annunaki means ‘those who from the heavens came…

(Author of article):This is entirely wrong. The word Annunaki means “princely seed” or “princely blood”.

It pisses me off that I can no longer watch the History Channel. You have to already know a lot about the subject to weed out the lies and idiocies and I can’t stand the scumbags who run that Vegas Pawn Shop. Don’t get me wrong, I understand you have to be a little scummy to succeed in pawn shoppery, but that doesn’t mean I want to watch it.

More from the article.

Solzhenitsyn showed that totalitarianism works by leading people to take part in the regime’s lies,

And that’s why we’re so boned, all the elitist idiots act as if things like “welfare helps the poor” or “the Sun is unimportant when studying the temperature of the Earth” are not stupidities and lies and the people who point out their  idiotic dishonesty are attacked and ostracized.

*I wouldn’t click that History Channel link because of the autoplay stuff and it’ll make you more stupider just looking, I linked because I want them to see the trackback with me calling them liars.

Added: I always hit ‘Post” and then re-read the post, then I notice misspellings and things I missed so I often update a post 2 or more times. I’m sorry for any confusion.

  1. Leonard Jones says:

    The Hitler Channel is one of my pet peeves too. I despise EVERY one of those so-called
    “Reality” shows! They are the most scripted pieces of shit out there. Every one of those
    Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, et al shows are salted with merchandise brought into the
    pawns shop by actors or “discovered” in storage units by actors.

    The only thing worse, are those phony logging shows. The entire series seems to consist
    of one near-miss after another. If the workers were this stupid or incompetent, they would have
    succeeded in killing or injuring at least a dozen workers by now. In that case, OSHA would
    have stepped in by now.

    I forgot, there is one thing worse: Those damned UFO, Bigfoot, occult, crop circle, etc.
    shows. There is hardly any history left on the History Channel!

    • veeshir says:

      I wish they were still the Hitler Channel, I can watch that. Now they’re UFO/Pawn Stars.

      • socklessjoe says:

        They’ve gone full-MTV. MTV used to be music… then less so… then so much less so that they made M2 where they actually played music. For a while.

        H2 became what History was, which is basically the Hitler channel. Now it’s the same crap as History.

  2. Mitchell says:

    Here now! What have you got against the Pawn Stars guys? I like that show.

    • veeshir says:

      I like seeing the stuff, I get annoyed when Rick “explains” what everybody knows, Someone brings in an army helmet, “In 1942 there was this war….”,

      I get more annoyed when they start talking price and Rick brings in his “buddy” who’s an expert.

      As I wrote, I understand you have to be a little scummy, but when their experts come in and lowball the price, I think that’s too slimy.

      And yes, I would bet money that every single one is a lowballing sack of shit. I’m sure Rick has some percentage they’re supposed to lowball and I’m equally sure when the old man ran the store it was worse. That guy is a dirt-bag.
      People like that are why I stopped selling cars.

      Of course, you’re an idiot for selling anything at a pawn shop, you’re going to be lowballed because they need to make money.
      I always think, Hey idiot, there’s this thing called eBay….

      I do love the way all the people selling stuff at a pawn shop in Vegas say it’s for their daughter’s wedding and not the craps table at O’Shea’s.

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