Where We Find Out If Veeshir Is Right

Posted: February 13, 2014 by veeshir in Notes on the Revolution

Last January I posted a round the tubes that had a part about gun laws.

In it, I noted that Donald Sensing (a smart guy), wrote

Here is what will really happen. Congress passes the law, the NRA et. al. scream about it and then … nothing happens.
Some people (no more than 20 percent) affected by the gun-confiscation law comply with the turn-in order. The rest don’t comply. But neither do they organize or form resistance groups. They don’t start assassinating politicians. They just hide their guns and continue with daily life as before.

For “Congress” read: “Connecticut”.

I responded

So 80% of gun owners ignore a law and our fine political, moral, intellectual and social betters just let it happen?

What happens when harry joe (normal) law abiding type gets arrested for his Remington 742 he got when he was 16 in 1971?

Obama and company cannot let civil disobedience happen and Americans can’t let the gov’t ignore the Constitution they’ve sworn to uphold.

When immovable object meets resistible force bad things happen, especially if resistible force thinks it’s irresistible force.

For all mentions of the Obama admin, read, “Connecticut’s gov’t”.

So Connecticut.

On Jan. 1, 2014, tens of thousands of defiant gun owners seemingly made the choice not to register their semi-automatic rifles with the state of Connecticut as required by a hastily-passed gun control law. By possessing unregistered so-called “assault rifles,” they all technically became guilty of committing Class D felonies overnight….

…as 15 percent of the covered semi-automatic rifles have actually been registered with the state….

Due to the new gun control bill passed in April, likely at least 20,000 individual people — possibly as many as 100,000 — are now in direct violation of the law for refusing to register their guns. As we noted above, that act is now a Class D Felony.

I wonder what’s going to happen. They either have the choice of beginning the final destruction of the rule of law by ignoring their NO GUNS, REGISTER YOUR GUNS WITH THE GOV’T IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN law or they have to brand a significant portion of their otherwise law-abiding population as felons.

Note that it’s Connecticut which has some very wealthy communities, so a lot of these guns are not cheap ARs, they’re SCARs, SIG 556s and other high end rifles owned by millionaires. Well-connected millionaires. Insurance execs in Hartford, finance types in Greenwich and more.

It should be interesting.

I think Connecticut deserves what they get so it’s mostly just an intellectual exercise so far as I’m concerned. They voted for those tools, let them sleep in the bed they crapped in.

But…..what the Connecticut gov’t does should be an illustration for the rest of the nation.

Do they get all indictive and start arresting the rich folk in Greenwich who aren’t registering their $2500 SCARs or do they let this go?

Do they go after Bridgeport and ignore Greenwich? That would be very interesting.

If they ignore it, do they blaze the trail for the rest of America to take the 2nd amendment seriously no matter what our political, moral and intellectual betters dictate?

If they try to selectively enforce it do they push their population too far?

If they try to enforce it stat-wide do they start serious civil disobedience.


Mostly unrelated but speaking of northeast idiot pols, I just saw a hilarious NY commercial where they offer 10 years of no taxes for a business moving there.

Nevermind the strangling the regulations, that’s surely a good deal for a business that only wants to be in business for 1o years, because after that you’re boned.

Just ask Oneida Silver (made in china) GE (made in china) IBM (moved to NC and other places) and more. Besides, NY pols are very corrupt, very dishonest and very stupid. They’ll change the deal a year after you build your plant. What are you going to do? Move after spending $millions? Sue them?

NY pols just have no idea how business work.

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