The More Things Change

Posted: February 14, 2014 by veeshir in PEBKAC, Random Crap, Uncategorized

The more they stay the same.

I always see people who act as if the sequel/remake/TV-show-to-movies is new, or that we’re doing it more today than yesteryear.

I’ve always figured that it hasn’t changed so I decided to pick a year at random and check. I thought, not too recent but well into talkies, it’s hard to argue it’s a remake when the year before they were shining a torch through thin paper, so I went with 1938.

I’m only counting US films, I avoid furrin films, mostly because if I want to read I’ll read a book. Geez, do what the rest of the world does and dub them.

They list 79 films. Or so I guess, I might have missed one or counted a furrin film, but it’s close enough.

I’m counting remakes, sequels or based on books, short stories or plays. I’m including books and short stories because, to quote Grandpa, “When I was your age, TV was called books.”

I got 44 out of 79  based on something from popular culture. I’m a little depressed there was no remake of Beau Geste.

Below the fold, it gets long.

The remakes, sequels, plays and books turned to movies  are:

Adventures of Robin Hood, ( Remake, book, one of my favorite posts)

Amazing Dr Clitterhouse (tee hee, play)

Angels With Dirty Faces (Dead End Kids,sequel)

Block-Heads is a … a reworking of elements from the Laurel and Hardy shorts We Faw Down” so I’m counting it.

Blondie, I’ll count it unless somebody cares enough to argue me out of it and can argue me out of it, (comic strip)

Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife is…based on the French play, …and the English translation of the play..

Charlie Chan in Honolulu (sequel)

Crime School (Dead End Kids, sequel)

Dawn Patrol (remake)

Girl of the Golden West (Play)

Having Wonderful Time (Play)

Holiday (Play)

If I Were King (Play)

Jezebel (Play)

Judge Hardy’s Children (sequel)

Just Around the Corner, ( book)

Kentucky, Romeo and Juliet set in the Civil War, I’m counting it. See “You Make The Call” below (play)

Kidnapped (Book)

A Man To Remember (book)

Marie Antoinette (Book)

Merrily We Live (Remake quote:erroneously claimed.. based on t…My Man Godfrey when in fact it is a reworking of the 1930 movie What a Man)

Mr. Moto’s Gamble (sequel, I think the working title was Mr. Moto III: Out For Blood!)

My Bill (Play)

Of Human Hearts (book)

Out West With The Hardys (sequel)

Paradise for Three (book)

Port of Seven Seas (Play and sequel)

Professor Beware (play, quote from IMDB: Judge Goddard ruled that the film was adapted from a play, “The Road to Jericho,”)

Pygmalion (Play and remake of a movie from the year before)

The Sisters (book)

A Slight Case of Murder (play)

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (book)

Red River Range (sequel based on books, ala 007)

Room Service (play)

The Saint in NY (book, speaking of 007)

The Shopworn Angel (remake, based on a short story)

The Sisters (book)

A Slight Case of Murder (play)

Three Comrades (book)

Valley of the Giants (remake)

Vivacious Lady (short story)

White Banners (book)

You Can’t Take It With You (play)

Young Dr. Kildare (sequel)

The Young in Heart (play)

You Make The Call!

Big Broadcast of 1938 is a series of variety shows with the biggest actors of each year for a few years, I’ve seen some of these and Warner Bros. made fun in cartoon form, since it’s more of a serial, I’m not sure if I should count it so I won’t.

Suez: It’s based on the digging of the Suez Canal but it’s typical of Hollywood so it’s fiction, they just mined reality for names so I’m not counting it. Think “Starship Trooper”.

That Certain Age is based on a “story”, I’m not counting the two or three that say that. I’m counting “novel” “short story” and “book” because I figure “story might just be the pitch. This is from Ed Sullivan, so hardly an author.

Not entered at all but amusing, King Kong Appears in Edo. No wonder he hates Godzilla, dude took his schtick.

  1. Leonard Jones says:

    But there was a remake of Beau Geste. It was called The Last Remake Of Beau Geste.
    The problem is that it was a comedy! It even features a split screen where Marty Feldman
    is responding to Gary Cooper across a table from the original film. I think Feldman lights
    up a joint after or during the conversation.

    The trailer:

    • veeshir says:

      Above the comment update!
      Yeah, Gary Cooper and Marty smoke the joint together. Cooper was smoking a home-rolled cig with his brother Digby in the 1939 movie.

      That one’s my favorite.

      There are a bunch of remakes of that movie, most of them are good.I’ve seen a couple silent ones and the Gary Cooper one is very good. The 1966 one is probably the only one I didn’t like.

      I see now that there was one in 1939 so I was only a year off.

      The Last Remake is what I think of whenever I see people act as if remakes are something new, that’s why I mentioned that there was no remake that year.

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