Where We Find Out Veeshir Was Right

Posted: February 14, 2014 by veeshir in Moron of the Day, Notes on the Revolution

Stepping on my own post? Check.

Almost the same title? Check.

I’m a professional, don’t try this at home.


In December I wrote a post saying that Steyn really needed to pay more attention to his employers at NR.

I noted that they’re not really all that into free speech, just the type that our social, moral and intellectual betters like.

Oeberon linked an article about how NR was all on Steyn’s side.

I responded thusly.

Ain’t buying it.
He wrote that only after Steyn’s editor doubled down and set up a further uproar and then finished it with a plea for money to fight Penn State going after their free speech.

Seems to me they’re worried about their free speech but still don’t like those damn teabaggers and Sarah Palin.

Now, we see this.

It now looks — go to Steynonline.com for the full story — as if Steyn is going to be up there on his own, fighting and financing his case without the support of his magazine, National Review; that the outcome is not as certain as it seemed at the beginning; and that this hero deserves all the help we can give him.

It’s linked at Steynonline so I assume that quote is accurate even though I can’t find Steyn specifically saying NR is abandoning him, but…


We do see Steyn noting he needs money for his defense and telling you how you can help.

NR apparently is not all that absolutist on free speech.


Just the right free speech. The type the establishment assholes at NR and their cocktail party friends like.

Sonomabatch, I used to like that magazine a lot. Now? I can’t even read  one of my favorite writers, Jay Nordlinger, after he went all in on Palin-hate.

Double sonomobatch. First the Weekly Standard assholes, Kristolnacht himself and Fred Barnes, call me a racist for wanting to my gov’t to enforce the laws and now this.

W.F. Buckley must be spinning in his grave.

If anybody deserves some help in a free speech witch trial, it’s Steyn.

I’d like to see this on a blog that people actually read but unfortunately, I’m not well liked in those precincts, I’m kind of a dick.

Little help for Steyn?

As Delingpole writes

Steyn gets this and — as he did in his case against the Ontario Human Rights Committee — is laying his neck on the line not solely because he’s a show-off and an awkward sod but for the greater cause of western civilisation.

Reminds me of when ESPN hired Rush Limbaugh and then realized they didn’t like him noting some unpalatable (to the right people) truths.

Fuck you NR.

  1. jon spencer says:

    Has Steyn hired a lawyer yet?

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    The liberals at NR are pissing their panties again like they did with Ann Coulter after 9-11.
    Tongue in cheek she suggested that we invade their countries, kill their leaders, and
    convert them to Christianity.

    The sissies at NRO went menstrual and dumped her like a hot rock. Months later, she was
    on the Sean Hannity show in a 3-way with the NRO guy that fired her. She called him an
    hysterical sissy and a girly man! It is ironic that our women (See the photos of Laura
    Ingraham in Iraq) have bigger balls than supposedly conservative supposedly men.

    Steyn has a track record. He took on the Canadian government when they charged him
    with some violation of BS human rights law. He not only won, but Canada repealed the
    anti free speech law. Michael Mann would lose his ass if he had to disclose his methods
    and research in an open court. We will continue to lose if we do not have the testicular
    fortitude to challenge frauds like Michael Mann.

  3. mysterian says:

    I dumped NR after 25 years when they went screaming meemie in the Katrina and Meirs aftermath….

    • veeshir says:

      Yeah, I remember that.
      I didn’t stop reading them all at once. I stopped subscribing and then reduced who I read until the last was Nordlinger.
      I’d see some other stories and occasionally click them.
      Finally I couldn’t even read Nordlinger so now I only go when Cold Fury links Steyn.

      I stopped reading Jonah Goldberg a column or two after he wrote the one saying, “Now that I’m a dad, I’m not going to just write humorous columns, I’m going to be a Serious Author!!!!!!” (caps and exclamation points may have been added)

      Sigh. Alan Alda called, he wants his schtick.

      And no, the word of the day calendar isn’t “schtick”, it just fit both times.
      Word of the day is “sequel”. Tomorrow is “schtick” so I’m kind of screwed.

  4. Leonard Jones says:

    The thing that is so sad about this is that when Bill Buckley was alive, it was THE place to go
    for serious conservative opinion. When Ann Coulter passes way, there will not be a pair of
    balls left in the conservative establishment!

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