Preemptive Strike?

Posted: February 21, 2014 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Hotassery, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault

The secret-policeman-dictator in Venezuela is threatening CNN for their coverage of the way he’s murdering ‘his’ people.

I only see about one article a day, and not many of them are really all that hard-hitting. They do note that a beauty queen was killed but it’s a video link which I won’t watch, but I’d bet they don’t actually blame the secret-policeman-dictator, but that’s just just my innate mistrust of Minitrue outlets when reporting on anti-American, murderous, commie dictators.

Here’s CNN explaining shit and stuff.

Major social and economic problems have fueled the protests. But as the demonstrations gained steam, officials have pointed fingers at other factors and accused the United States of plotting to destabilize the government.

Sure they say they’re after freedom and stuff, but the benevolent rulers are blaming the US. It’s just a “he said/they were shot resisting arrest” sort of thing.

Some blame Venezuela’s government, led by President Nicolas Maduro, for those problems. Maduro and other officials blame the opposition for the security and economic problems.

The bitches wuz askin fer it?

The protests are the largest Maduro has faced in his 11 months in power.

Yeah, the biggest he’s faced in less than a year in office. Ummm, how many others were there? Where there any others? They don’t say.

(Maduro) has called opposition members fascists and compared them to an infection that needs to be cured.

You gotta love the way they just sort of slide past the secret-p0liceman-dictator saying he’s going to kill them all. You kill what causes infection, right? And everybody knows fascists are to be killed.

Eh, probably all them Nazis who split for South America after they lost the war.

After that, it’s more of the “he said/they deserve to be killed”  stuff with the occasional attempt at balance. They noted that Chavez ” otherwise outlasted the protests and repeatedly won re-election.” but they never seem to mention any of the questions about exactly how he won those elections. You know, via intimidation, murder and outright fraud. Sort of like a Chicago election except with more murdering instead of just knee-capping and dead pets.

Is CNN even covering it on TV? I only flip by them and maybe pause for a few seconds to see what Dem talking point/Christie bullshit they’re pushing, so I can’t tell, I only know what’s on their website, and it appears to be about one article a day.

One thing, the “deal” in Ukraine is bullshit. They’ll have to do it all over again when Putin’s Tsarling steals the election, if he even holds one in December as promised. An election in  10 months as promised by a murderous Tsarling?

Yeah, I’m sure he’s getting right on that.

Setting an election for 10 months means one of two things.

There will be no election, either because the Tsarling needs the time to make sure he’s prepared for the upcoming protests or there will be no election because of some war or other.


The Tsarling is going to get Tsar Putin I’s help to fix the election and needs the time to get his ballots in a row and bribe somebody like St. Jimmeh to come and certify it as clean and also needs the time to get all his tanks in a row for the coming protests.

Poor bastids, they don’t stand a chance and they can expect absolutely no help from Obama except another STRONGLY WORDED STATEMENT with a plea to both sides (killer and killee) to relax and a plea from Kerry to stop burning stuff because of Global Worming.

Blog needs hotassery. Nay, the world needs hotassery.


She is totally wasted on Wallowitz


Nice, but I still prefer Bernadette. To quote a guy from Cheers, she looks so sweet and innocent. I would like to change all that.

Blog’s been Milaless for too long


I’ve seen people say she doesn’t have a nice ass. I figure it’s cuz they’re jealous, it looks good to me.

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