Blog War!!!!!!

Posted: February 22, 2014 by veeshir in Drunkblogging, It's Always a Good Time to include Sheldon Cooper PhD, PEBKAC

Geez, we haven’t had a good blogwar around here for ages.

Of course, we here at DPUD don’t blogwar against other blogs, we are all about the interblogwar.

I’ll start.

80s music sucks, they had far superior music in the


70s (it’s a 4 minute song, not sure what they do the last two minutes)


and even the 00s

Remember folks, smack, LSD and pot make good music, cocaine only makes good movies.

Speaking of drugs, this is lame.

star trek wiz

Now maybe the rest would play that, but we all know Kirk would walk in (swoosh) in and start bitch-slapping people.

An artist’s rendition

Pic via The Outrider.Borepatch.

  1. Lemur King says:

    Well, that was a great Star Trek graphic, and I have to say I agree with your music selection – yep, sixties and seventies saw some great music and the 80’s… wait. What, the 80’s suck?

    Really? Now you’re just being mean, man.

  2. socklessjoe says:

    The musical cesspool of the 80s was at least punctuated by a little goodness.
    The Thriller album
    A lot of Metallica: (Fade to Black) :
    (Welcome to the Jungle)
    Grateful Dead’s Touch of Grey
    The foundational Beastie Boys: (No Sleep…)
    Couple of Chili Peppers Albums, culminating with Mother’s Milk in 1989.
    Pre-Gansta rap, such as Run DMC.

  3. veeshir says:

    I’ll give you Guns N Roses, I actually like that song. Of course, they wish they were Aerosmith, so they’re trying to be a 70s band.

    Metallica, I know I used to piss off my heavy metal friends, but I wasn’t all the impressed by them, they mostly wished they were a 70s metal band but they were closer to an 80s hair band but I have to admit, they did some good stuff.

    Beastie Boys? Proving my point with that one.

    As for “Touch of Lame”, ask any Deadhead and they’ll tell you that’s their most commercial tune and they mostly hate it.

    I always thought of the Chili Peppers as a 90s band. The first time I heard of them was in the early 90s, I didn’t go see them. I always wish I had. Sure their first big album was in 89, but that might as well have been the 90s.
    Of course, they’re like Kansas, one or maybe two good songs on an album and the rest was Eh at best.

    Rap? Geez, like music only not. Run DMC’s biggest hit was their remake of a 70s, Aerosmith hit, so proving my point on that one.

    So, one decent song by a poser band, one decent band that was almost not, a band that didn’t get big until the 90s, some crappy music and the other part that proves my point.
    The Dead sucked in the 80s, every decent band that tried to do something in the 80s screwed up except Aerosmith and Billy Joel.

    Hell, Queen sucked in the 80s Radio Gaga, radio googoo, radio lamo.

    Talk about proving my point.

  4. socklessjoe says:

    Good stuff from both Ozzy as a solo artist and the Dio-era Black Sabbath. Everything AC/DC recorded with Brian Johnson is by definition post 70s.

    Lookin’ for more quintessentially 80s sound… INXS was good (Although better in the 90s.) Depeche Mode was respectable. U2 in the 80s was pretty good too.

    The meaty part of Van Halen was 80s.

    Living Colour.

    Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Freaky Styley” is an excellent funky album, highly recommended.

  5. veeshir says:

    Geez, well this was a bust.

    Last time said bad things about 80s music someone talked about my ass and my face and my ass came out on top.

    I guess next time I’ll go with Plans B or C, I’ll make fun of Glocks or Roger Waters.

    Those always stir up a ruckus.

    Now that I think about, I’ll have to see if Roger Waters owns a Glock….

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