Good news and bad news

Posted: February 23, 2014 by Sean M. in FAIL

The good news is that nobody has died from this entirely preventable disease outbreak so far:

Just as California’s record-setting flu season seems to be fading, with 278 deaths confirmed as of Friday, health officials warned that another infectious and sometimes deadly virus has arrived — measles.

Fifteen Californians have come down with measles thus far this year, officials said. And nearly half had opted against childhood vaccination against the disease through the state’s personal beliefs exemption.

The article goes on to quote an epidemiologist who notes that there were only two reported cases in the state at this time last year. Oh, and there’s also this…

For every measles case, Chavez said, there may be dozens of people local health officials must track to assure the disease hasn’t spread. Earlier this week, fears emerged that thousands of people might have been exposed to measles when a sick UC Berkeley student traveled on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system.

And who the hell knows how many of those people or the children they come into contact with aren’t vaccinated?

Which brings me to the bad news. Namely, that this stupid bint can somehow still appear in public without being pelted with garbage.

  1. Your link isn’t working (or maybe it just isn’t working for me). If half the cases resulted from failure to vaccinate, what caused the other half?

    There is another entirely preventable disease that is killing people every year. AIDS.

  2. aliceaitch says:

    “nearly half had opted against childhood vaccination against the disease through the state’s personal beliefs exemption.”

    The sick individuals didn’t opt against vaccination. Their parents did, which means the parents are inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering and lifelong consequences on who they should be working hardest to protect.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    Even before I clicked on the link, I remembered the cunts name. I have a cousin who
    gave birth to an autistic boy. Since the symptoms appeared after he was inoculated,
    she swallowed the Kook Aid.

    Jenny McCarthy should be held libel for any deaths that were caused by parents following
    her advice.

    This is like the AIDS activists who obfuscated the issue while gays were dropping like flies.

    The British medical journal Lancit took the highly unusual action of publicly condemning
    the doctor that started this bullshit. They all but stated that the doctor made up his findings,
    and fudged the data to support what he knew to be false!

    Here is a link I found:

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