Global Warmmongers Lie Part Eleventy Billion And Fourty Three

Posted: February 24, 2014 by veeshir in Green Goofs, It's Science!, Liberal Fascism

Important Update Below!!!!!

Global warmmongers lie, it’s what they do.

They’ve been flailing around blaming the global worming “pause” on everything but the Sun, so now they claim it’s volcanoes that are doing it.

But wait, global worming is caused by rising CO2, right? And volcanoes emit fantabulous amounts of CO2, right?

So in other words, more CO2 emitted by evil people causes global worming while more CO2 emitted by natural volcanoes pauses global worming.

The science is settled dontcha know. What are you, some kind of denier?

In related news, the mann who lied about winning a Nobel Prize, who sues people who point out his serial “mistakes”, and who is…well, let’s let Mark Steyn tell you, he’s already being sued.

Steve McIntyre continues his examinations of Dr Mann’s false claims to have been “exonerated” by various investigations and inquiries. As Steve has said, these claims are as false as his claim to be a Nobel Laureate, which he made in the original complaint….

(from Mann’s defence  claiming he was proven correct V)…The report examined whether manipulation or suppression of data occurred and concluded that “the scientists’ rigor and honesty are not in doubt. [38 – Muir Russell Report]”…

…Sir Muir’s findings apply only to the “CRU scientists” – that’s to say, employees of the University of East Anglia, …. So, as evidence of Michael Mann’s “exoneration”, the best his lawyers can come up with is a fake quote from a report exonerating some people he happens to be acquainted with.

The defence…(defense?) rests.

Well, not so much important as hilarious update! Via the Warmlist we see a story from 2009 claiming that Global Worming is helping al Quaeda and the Taliban.

This is not a photoshop

ABC Al Qaeda and Taliban Being Helped By Global Warming 1


  1. Leonard Jones says:

    I read somewhere that one volcanic eruption can spew more CO2 into the atmosphere than
    man contributed in the 200+ years of the industrial revolution. If we are the cause, it is bad
    Mkay. But if it is caused by a volcano, it actually staves off global warming? These people
    are delusional!

    I guess that CO2 from a volcano are magic, just like the grits from the classic My Cousin

    I am also reminded of this website devoted to things that are caused by global warming:

    I love it! If it is too hot or too cold, blame global warming. If there is too much or too little
    rainfall, it’s global warming. Too many or too few hurricanes or volcano’s, global warming.
    My favorite items on this list were prostitution and rape wave. The first predicts that
    global warming will push more women into the oldest profession and the rape wave
    I guess means that men will driven to commit more rapes.

    I can get behind this, hookers enough for everybody. And for the guys too ugly to get
    laid, there is an excuse to get some nookie, “Global warming made me do it!”

    • veeshir says:

      This is my favorite list of global worming stupidities.

      They claim it’s complete, but even they can’t keep up with it.

      • Leonard Jones says:

        Sort of the same list in a different form. It also has the link to Rape wave. My all time
        favorite director is Mel Brooks. I have every movie he made, including The 12 Chairs and
        the original Get Smart movie, The Nude Bomb. I also have the entire Get Smart TV

        The rape wave bit reminds me of this:

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