This Guy Was Elected to Enforce The Law

Posted: February 24, 2014 by veeshir in Liberal Fascism, Notes on the Revolution

California has the gov’t they want. I hope they’re enjoying it.

I’ve seen this story but didn’t think much of it until I read it.

San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore has decided not to request the full U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to review a ruling, involving his department, that struck down the state’s law on issuing concealed weapons permits. (saying “May issue” is no bueno, it must be “shall issue” V)

Sounds good so far, so why didn’t he appeal it and why am I pissed?

Gore, however, has opted to stick with his department’s rules, noting that the ruling is not yet final.

Because the motherfucker is not going to pay attention to the ruling.  That’s who Californians want to enforce their laws.

If he’s going to ignore it, why appeal? They can use that money to get an MRAP in case he needs it to home invade some guy who thinks the Constitution is meant to restrict the gov’t.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has made a similar decision not to change its requirements while the issue is still before the legal system.


So nobody’s appealing it and it’s still before the legal system? Motherfuckers.

Remember that rule of law? Yeah, me neither.

Which reminds me of this link from a Venezuelan I wanted to post.


Ban re-election

I used to be totally against term limits, now I’m not so sure. Such laws encode in our legal system that people are too stupid to know how to vote so they need to be protected from themselves.

I still find the whole idea repugnant, but I also try to be an empiricist so my resolve is wavering seeing who people re-elect.

Apparently, Dingell’s wife is going to inherit the seat he inherited from his father 58 years ago.

That’s 29 terms, surpassing the Grand Kegel* himself, the conscience of the Senate, Senator, I Would Die Before I’d Serve With Race Mongrels, Byrd.

The Constitution might not be a suicide pact, but I’ve found that civilizations don’t need a pact to commit suicide.

*Not a typo.

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