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Okay, I wasn’t sure about taking someone’s map, so here’s one I drew that’s not to scale or even very well done, but it gets my point across.

Deluxe type mapYou can’t read the key so here it is

Dark blue is Ukraine who’s been owned and about to be/being invaded by Russia after kicking out their Tsarling.

Light blue is Romania who’s been invaded/been owned by Russia.

Purple is Poland who’s been invaded/been owned by Russia.

Yellow is Belarus who’s a brutal dictatorship run by a Tsarling.

Red is Russia, who’s invaded/owned all countries on map.

Not shown, a few other neighboring countries that were all invaded and owned by Russia at one point, like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and more.

So what are Romania, Poland and their neighbors going to do about Tsar Putin I invading their friend/neighbor?

Especially considering they spent 50 years being owned by Russia thanks to FDR’s love of Stalin.

Recall, we slowed down our troops and  thereby extended WWII to let the Russians take ownership of eastern Europe and part of Germany.

Poland and friends, fresh from Obama throwing them under the bus in relation to missile defense, are watching Russia getting all invasiony and know that the US does not have their back.

Germany also knows that the US is fucking useless, what are they going to do? Hell, even France has had to have balls lately.

Hmmmmm, so the question is basically whether this is WWI, WWII or tanks rolling into Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

We all know Obama’s (non) reaction  but what about the Europeans who’ve seen this movie before?

While they might have liked the ending last time, acts I and II were less than fun.

While the suspense if killing me, they’re about to be killed for real.


Really Charles? Really?

Quoth Krauthammer on the “All Star Panel”

Everybody is shocked at the weakness of Obama’s statement.

Everybody? Geez, I guess ‘everybody’ has not been paying any fucking attention at all.

I was wrong, Obama didn’t go to a fundraiser after saying weak shit, he went to a DNC event and gave a speech about how the Dems were going to win the election!!!!! For America!!!!!.

Not sure if it was also a fundraiser.

UPDATE: Everybody’s saying it was a fundraiser, so he couldn’t go golfing because of weather but he did attend a fundraiser after giving his ‘warning’.

See? Transparently transparent.

  1. The MSM says:

    Romney’s an idiot for saying that Russia was a strategic adversary or whatever.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    Those who fail to learn from history………

    Obongo ass fucked Poland and Czechoslovakia over strategic missile defense. He then looks
    the other way when Russia invades Georgia. Now, he is using terms like “Troubling” and
    “Disturbing,” but will do nothing to prevent Russia from annexing Ukraine. Putin knows
    a Vagina when he sees one. He will walk all over Obongo!

  3. DaveInTampa says:

    I’d love to see a coalition of former Soviet Republics get together. Could Ukraine hold off Russia with Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary? How about if the Germans backed them (whats the chance of that)?

    Putting that together would take a leader, if only we had someone…

  4. veeshir says:

    They got the wimpy American POTUS they all wanted, let them find their own leader.

    I’m rooting for them and that’s pretty much all the help they’re getting from us.

  5. So let’s up the ante: Google the following: Clinton, Major, Ukraine, Memorandum. We are, thanks to Bill, party to a protective Memorandum. Ukraine gives up nukes, US and UK are committed to help Ukraine if they are attacked. Not a Treaty, like what lead to WWI, but something close in standing.
    Not a lot in our papers, but Radio Free Europe, Guardian, and Telegraph are covering this.

  6. veeshir says:

    Of course our media will ignore it, Obama’s not going to do anything.

    CNN and MSNBC are too busy with Bridgegate!!!!.

    I bet Foxnews doesn’t cover it much if at all either.

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