Smirt Power

Posted: March 2, 2014 by veeshir in Exploding things, Obama's Fault

Kerry just notices that Tsar Putin I acts like a medieval ruler.

Wish I’d watched this now if only to see this exchange.

Meet the Press host David Gregory pressed Kerry about why the Obama administration did not acknowledge that Russia had invaded the Ukraine on Friday. Kerry did not answer, seemingly incredulous that Russia had ignored contemporary norms.

Gotta laugh at Drudge saying “Kerry whines”.


Russians up to 15,000 troops, according to the Ukrainians.

That’s a division of infantry plus support troops and we’ve all seen the vids of the helicopters cruising in.

Nice pincer move there Putin. Armored column in the north, infantry anvil with naval guns as backup in the south.

Someone was playing Risk while Obama and co. were getting baked and calling Ronnie Raygun a warmonger.

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