Posted: March 3, 2014 by veeshir in Exploding things, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Obama's Fault

Above the Fold Phoney War Update!

Taking pictures with these Russian invaders has lately become a popular amusement for citizens of Simferopol,

They’re taking selfies with Russian soldiers. Okay, that’s freaking hilariously scary.

Now back to our post!

I realize that invasion and war isn’t that funny but you have to admit it’s kind of funny that all the people who pointed out what was going to happen were called assholes and idiots.

I was thinking, maybe it’s not Hungary or WWI or Poland, it’s the Sudetenland where Hitler explained that he only wanted this one piece of another country.

Or maybe it’s just an amalgamation of every thug who ever wanted to conquer more land.

Russian Black Sea Fleet Commander Aleksandr Vitko issued an ultimatum to the Ukrainian troops in Crimea on March 3. “If they do not give up by 5 a.m. tomorrow, there will be a real storm of subdivisions and units of Ukraine’s military forces all over Crimea,” Interfax news agency quoted him as saying. Earlier, the Ukrainian navy was given an ultimatum to give up by 7 p.m. on March 3, otherwise they will be attacked.

Hmmmm, that’s tomorrow, I wonder if they’ll wait that long.

All as Obama and company threaten Israel.

I hope  the 69% of American Jews who voted for Obama are happy about that. They cannot blame anyone but themselves as they did that even after watching him screw Israel for 4 years.

It was a nice Pax Americana while we had it, I for one am gonna miss it.

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