Where’s The Farce We Were Promised?

Posted: March 4, 2014 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Obama's Fault

14 insane moments from Russia Today in relation to what’s going on in the Crimea.

Russia is Forced To Act!!!!!!



Totally unrelated

Whenever Hitler wanted to launch a military campaign against any enemy in Europe, he needed the help of his Propaganda Ministry to justify it to a German people who were not extremely fond of the idea of a long drawn out war.

It’s a good thing we’ve left History Behind!


  1. Goober says:

    Veesh, love you to death, babe, but I think that you and a few others are overblowing Russia’s plans, here.

    Is it possible that they mean what they say when they say that their only goal is to protect the Russians living in Ukraine, and the military bases that they have there, legally by agreement, in Crimea?

    Think of it this way:

    We have a lot of military bases and assets in Germany, right? As a result, there are a whole bunch of Americans living there, supporting the bases and so forth?

    Now, imagine Germany was to undergo some big political turmoil: an actual revolution or coup of some sort (I know that’s hard to imagine  , but stay with me).

    Are you really going to tell me that you believe that America wouldn’t send in troops and ships to protect the Americans and the American military bases and assets there during the turmoil? Especially if the agreement to have the bases there in the first place was made with a government that had effectively been deposed? Give me a break – we’d have boots on the ground so fast you wouldn’t even know what had happened. And we’d have no designs on keeping any part of Germany than those parts we already had via treaty to have our bases there.

    Russia has interest in keeping Crimea stable. Period. There hasn’t been a war, just an occupation. Shots have not been fired, for all intents and purposes. It’s really that simple.

    • Veeshir says:

      I’m basing it on Tsar Putin I and his lying about Russians being attacked.

      Also, he didn’t go in until his Tsarling ran away.
      Added, cuz I was on my phone earlier

      Is it possible that they mean what they say when they say that their only goal is to protect the Russians living in Ukraine, and the military bases that they have there, legally by agreement, in Crimea?

      See, this goes to what I was talking about, recall Herr Hitler only wanted to secure Germans in the Sudetenland.

      Putin’s already invaded another couple of countries under false pretenses.
      Recall when he just happened to have hundreds of armored vehicles on the border near Ossetia before the unrest started. Serendipity of course.

      Also, I can’t find the links to any sane site, but in the runup to the first war in Chechnya, when Putin was trying to consolidate power, there were a bunch of apartment bombings in Russia but the Chechens denied involvement. Why blow stuff up and then deny they did it? That’s not the normal terrorist MO.

      Some FSB agents were caught planting a bomb in an apartment building so they said it was a test and the people in the building passed!!!! Yay!!!!!

      He’s been working on expanding the Russian Empire and killing people trying to stop him.

      I try to pay more attention to what people do than what they say.
      That’s why I call him Tsar Putin I, because that’s how he acts.

      We’ll see, I figure right now he’s trying to get an excuse to go in full tilt.
      He’s working hard to get a response so the Russian people will be in favor of war.

  2. goober says:

    Yeah, I keep seeing people compare this to hitler and the sudetenland, and I think that’s why people are so worried about it. What if the comparison is wrong?

  3. goober says:

    I’ll bet if there was a revolt in Mexico we’d have boots on the ground there the next day with an armor division ready to rock at the border before it even started. Did Putin keep south ossetia?

  4. veeshir says:

    We’ll find out soon enough.
    As I said, I think he’s trying to gin up a provocation.

    I just don’t trust in the kindness of Tsar Putin I.

    • Goober says:

      I don’t trust him, either, Veesh. I don’t particularly like him. But I think it is a sad state of affairs, and very telling, that the entire world community looked at what is an obvious case of a country protecting its own interests and cried “foul” as if the idea of it is simply beyond the pale.

      It makes me wonder if we’re more worried about making sure Europe likes us than we are protecting our own interests. Would we really go into Germany, like i suggested, or would Obama be so worried that Sarkosy wouldn’t attent Sahsa’s birthday gala next year if we did, that he’d not do it?

      We’d bask in Europe’s fawning respect for about three months until they found something else to be contemptuous of us for, and we would have lost all of our interests in Germany.

      The only point I’m trying to make is that Putin, despite all his flaws, seems to be the last owrld leader on Earth who is actually mor einterested in taking care of his country’s best interests than he is worried aobut whether people like him or not.

      he’s the last true leader of the lot of them, which is sad, because he’s not a good person.

  5. veeshir says:

    case of a country protecting its own interests

    At the expense of other countries’ interests. That’s what makes it wrong. Recall Hitler just wanted some lebensraum for his people so he was looking out for Germany’s interests.

    Don’t forget Tsar Putin I had a different view on voting for independence when it was Chechnya trying to look out for their own interests.
    Then, he acted in a murderous, genocidal way. Russian soldiers were killing every military age male (15-60) and then ransoming the bodies back to their families.
    This was before the Chechens turned to terrorists for help and learned the lesson Lebanon’s had to learn twice, if you get help from terrorists you get terrorist actions.

    He’s a Tsar pure and simple.

    I agree with what else you wrote, but Putin is a thuggish dictator who cares not for anything but getting Russia’s empire back and if he has to kill off a thousands or millions to make it happen, well, that’s the price he’s willing to make them pay.

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