Where Is Everybody?

Posted: March 27, 2014 by veeshir in Fun With Media, Obama's Fault



I know where I’ve been, reading stupid shit like this and saying, “Well duh“.

But it (Wash Post fact-free hit piece on Emmanuel Goldstein… the Kochs V) may have been even more political, and more nakedly partisan, than we suspected. Today Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman wrote a letter to David Robertson, President and COO of Koch Industries. The Democrats’ letter was premised almost entirely on the Washington Post’s discredited article; it repeatedly footnoted that article and the IFG report on which the Post story was based. The two Democrats concluded by requesting that Koch answer questions and produce a long series of documents relating in various ways to the Keystone pipeline.


With this hilarious question

The Democrats’ letter raises an obvious question: did the Washington Post publish its article attempting to link Koch to Keystone at the request of Whitehouse and/or Waxman, or at the request of other Democrats who were coordinating with Whitehouse and Waxman?


Yes. Pay attention!

I mean really, doesn’t anybody remember “Macaca” or “The THESIS!!!!!!!!!!” or any of probably hundreds of other stories the Post hammered and then we saw Dem pols using them in their ads?

They SCREAM THE ACCUSATION and whisper the correction. If there even is a correction, which there usually isn’t.


Each and every global warmmongering prediction is wrong, from the ice-free North Pole to the warmest, driest winter in 2013-2014 to the fact that the globe stopped warmening in 1997 and yet, the media hammers, “The Science!!!!! is Settled!!!!!!”


We see people saying owing more than the GDP is not a bad thing while lying about it. As Uncle says, the feds are over $200 trillion in debt if you count all the unfunded crap like pensions and social security.

The IRS is still saying, “Go fuck yourselves” to Congress as the media covers for them.

Benghazi is down the memory hole, ditto Fast and Furious and the rest of the too many to list or even want to remember of what should be Obama scandals but aren’t because Minitrue is too busy attacking me.

Speaking Power To Truth!!!!!

Syria is still Iran V. Saudi Arabia in a jihadi war that’s dragging Lebanon down with it and the media is ignoring it.

Venezuela is screwed, blued and tattooed and the media is ignoring it.

Obama lost the Iraq war years (Minitrue warning, lying sacks of shit at the Wash Post) after we won it and the media is ignoring.

We’re fighting to no end in Afghanistan and now the media ignores the Rising Death Toll!!!!! that was all the rage when they could hammer Bush.

Hell, Obama’s even losing the Cold War more than 2 decades after we fucking won it and the fucking media is allowing Obama to say shit like, “This invasion is Putin showing his weakness. (hey Wash Post, you got some cum on your chin there)” after he gives another “WARNING!!!!!!!!” that’s absolutely meaningless.

(double links are so the Wash Post can see me calling them liars and Obama suckophants if they look at their trackbacks).

The part that gets me is how he treats the media, from invading their files to siccing the fucking Coast Guard on them to barring them from stuff like M’Shell’s vacation to China to forcing them to provide questions beforehand to just blowing off their questions and attacking them instead of answering.

Is the advancement of their agenda really more important than their own freedom?

I mean, I understand they are actively hostile to my freedom, but their own?

  1. Leonard Jones says:

    It has often been said that Ronald Reagan won the cold war without firing a shot. President
    Ogabe is now in the process of losing it without firing a shot. Several conservative authors
    have used a variation of It’s either incompetence or it’s intentional, so we had better hope
    it is the former.

    This pinko president is Jimmy Carter at ludicrous speed. Here are a few of his accomplishments;

    Commies on the rise it Latin America.

    Egypt, Syria, and Libya where Obongo supported the terrorists radicals.

    Threw the Ukrainians under the bus.

    Iraq and Afghanistan are going to descend into chaos.

    I could go on forever.

    • veeshir says:

      I could go on forever.

      We’re boned on so many fronts and our fine media betters are too busy going after me to be bothered to notice.

      They go on about this stuff for never.

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