Woids Fail Me

Posted: June 13, 2014 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault

On day 400 of the IRS deal (taxprof went 404 at some point today, that’s kind of scary) the IRS announces that they lost 2 years of Lois Lerner’s emails.


Absolutely nothing will happen to anyone ever over this. Not a  thing. The GOP is too feckless while their leadership is pretty much on the side of the IRS so long as they only go after tea partiers.

The fact that Minitrue will ignore this is  so far beyond just partisanship that I can’t even believe it they will even as I’m sure they will.

Seriously, they’re aiding and abetting the use of the apparatus of the federal gov’t to punish private citizens.

Chicago machine politics rules our nation.

The Obama admini is obviously going to start making sure they don’t lose anymore elections next

We are so freaking boned.




  1. Leonard Jones says:

    Like Claude Rains from Casablanca, I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED to see corruption going
    on here!

    PS, I remember you posting that you were working 12 hour shifts recently. I spent
    years working as a Millwright and participated in dozens of refinery shutdowns,
    which were 12 hour days, seven days a week that usually went on for a month or
    more. I know how bad it sucked, but the paychecks were awesome!

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