Is Hindsight 20/20? Redux

Posted: June 18, 2014 by veeshir in Democratic morality, Exploding things, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Hotassery, Mideast Madness, Obama's Fault

As I’ve already stated, nobody’s hindsight is 20/20 except mine and intelligent people’s*.

I’m not trying to pick on Glenn Beck, I’m just using him because that’s the link I had open.

It could have been a bunch of other people who you are probably reading too. Or rather, instead of reading here.

I’ve been seeing people say we should never have gone into Iraq.



Longer version below the fold.



So the only way we “shouldn’t have gone into Iraq or Afghanistan”  is if we have decided we’re going to be wimpy loser who hide under our beds when the bad men come out.

The problem being that we’re 911.

Nobody else who can even pretend to fulfill that role has the desire to do so.
So the only people we can call  when the bad men do come (and they will) are the UN. Or Ghostbusters I guess.


Let’s look at what Osama bin Laden predicted all along,

The youth were surprised at the low morale of the American soldiers and realized more than before that the America soldiers are paper tigers. After a few blows, the Americans ran away in defeat.



Let’s look at what the fine folks in the Democratic party were saying at the same time.

According to Politifact, I’m not linking them for their supposed “investigation” into a blatantly true statement, but for this quote that they’re all proud of.

The day Obama took office in January 2009, he summoned Vice President Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and top military leaders to the White House, held a closed-door meeting and then issued this statement:

“During the discussion, I asked the military leadership to engage in additional planning necessary to execute a responsible military drawdown from Iraq.”


What was Harry Reid, Head Harumpher in the United States Senate, saying during some of the most intense fighting?


So  the Democratic party and a bunch of GOP types as well,  were letting our enemies know all they had to do was wait until we leave.

What would have happened in Germany after WWII if we had let the world know we were just biding time? WWIII would have already happened and/or Europe would be commie or nazi right now.

How about Japan? Imagine letting those insane bastards know we couldn’t wait to leave?

So what we had in Iraq was that we have defeated the terrorists and Obama threw it away by running away without leaving any troops in Iraq. And don’t say, “They wouldn’t let us.” Maliki would say whatever we wanted him to say, I thought at the time that he didn’t want us to leave. He was just doing the whole bluster thing.


What about their military running away last week?

What we have is a column of combat veterans, fresh from fighting Syrian gov’t and Hezbollah forces with bad ass weapons taking on green troop who have not seen a shot fired in anger for a long time, if ever.

See, Kasserine Pass for what happens when that happens.

If we had had battalion of Marines, some Ospreys, some Apaches, some A-10s and a small armored force there, we could have destroyed these jerkwads in an afternoon.

10,000 men in  a base in the desert, away from everybody, and we could have reacted anywhere in the country in hours.

What do we have? Days later President Present is meeting with Congressional leaders.

President Obama is facing growing pressure from Congress to detail his strategy for addressing the spiraling violence in Iraq, after he pledged on the South Lawn last Friday that he’d review ways to assist the fragile and threatened Iraqi government.

5 days later he has not idea what he’s going to do except not send ground troops (except those ones over there).

No, what he’s doing is meeting with Harry Reid, Nancy Peloso, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.

Not generals or admirals but a rogues’ gallery filled with  the 4 stupidest, most venal, clueless, out of touch, political/politicizing fools not already in his administration.

I cannot find a story saying he’s meeting with generals, I can find President Putt bragging about getting briefed while golfing.

The Iraqis are begging for help.

Iraq has requested U.S. air power to try to reverse rapid territorial gains by Sunni Muslim insurgents, U.S. and Iraqi officials said on Wednesday….

He added that Iraq’s ally, Shi’ite Muslim power Iran, had so far not intervened to help the Baghdad government, but said “everything is possible”.



They’re blatantly telling Obama that if he doesn’t help them they'[re going to have to ask Iran for help and Obama is going to let them.

He’s probably ecstatic that he’s not going to have to do anything.

So Iraq will become an Iranian client state, sort of a Syria-Major with lots of oil.


And it’s all going to be Bush’ fault.

You know what pisses me off the most about this whole freaking deal?

That I actually have to go back to defending Bush.



I’m going with the dictionary definition of intelligent people;,: those who agree with me.



You’ve been good, you get hottassery.




She gives the best, “Do your best” looks.


Dita is always in order.



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