And That’s Why I Blog So Sporadically

Posted: June 20, 2014 by veeshir in Nanny State, PEBKAC

What is going on so often pisses me off so I’m much better off not paying attention. Watching the Federal Gov’t become a thugocracy is just too depressing so let’s do some other current events.


An illustration on how most Foreskins fans feel today.



So somebody started a # on twitter to get new ideas. Most are okay, but I’m rooting for the Washington Elizabeth Warrens, that’s even more insulting than Redskins. Let’s teach them a lesson.

I will say that this one has the best chance since it’s approved groups used in a respectful manner (for some values of “respect”)

Not the Forsekins


Via the Jawas.

  1. I am on the exact page as you. Most days I just can’t write about anything because there’s simply too much bullshit to even sort through it all. And it’s depressing. I just want to garden, ride my horse and plan a fucking dinner. I don’t want to get embroiled in the insanity every single day. ARRRRGHH!

    But besides that, I think your team logos have real promise. Very catchy.

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