Pay Attention! *SMACK*

Posted: June 25, 2014 by veeshir in GOP FAIL, Obama's Fault

The Obama administration had specific intelligence about the terror group ISIS’ activities and movements in Iraq and failed to act on it, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers said Wednesday.


Yeah, so did the whole, fucking world, and that should have included the House Intelligence Chair.


Secretary of State John F. Kerry said Sunday (January, 5 V)  that the United States is ready to help Iraq in any way possible as that country began a major offensive to wrest control of two cities (Fallujah and Ramadi V) from al-Qaeda-linked militants. But he made it clear that no American troops would be sent in.

Kerry described… ISIS, as “the most dangerous players” in the region…. Kerry said it was Iraq’s battle to fight.


Pay fucking attention.

You assholes could have done something about that, but you were too busy whining about what Obama’s done instead of trying to get Obama to do stuff.

Not a one of you assholes tried to get Obama to help the Iraqis when it might have been possible to save the situation, when Iraq was fighting Isis. I was in favor of letting them try it, but they failed miserable and Obama and the GOP House Intelligence Chair did not a fucking thing.

It’s all just theater, the GOP is not fighting Obama, they’re  fighting me while pretending to fight Obama and ignoring the world on fire and the erosion of the rule of law in America.

  1. Lemur King says:

    veesh, you must quiet down and take your soma. You are behaving contrary to allowed thinking.

    You need to take sides and focus on the enemy, because surely the entire government is not our enemy, right?

    I can’t figure how we are allowing it but we are.

    • veeshir says:

      Cuz they’re giving us “free” stuff, we’re allowing our pols to bribe us with our own money.

      I live in a redneck area of AZ, it’s very cheap and that’s why I’m here.
      Everybody thinks they’re conservatives but…

      They all get “free money” from the gov’t in differing forms, from some bullshit “disability” and other crap.

      I haven’t worked much in 3 years, I’ve been pretty darn broke.
      The reason I haven’t worked is my fault,
      I screwed up on some stuff that I’m hoping will be fixed next week so I’ll be cool in August.

      They all keep telling me I should be getting “free food stamps”. Most think I’m an idiot for not taking food stamps.
      I will repeat, I’m not working much because of my own failings, why the hell should I be taking food stamps? The only cogent reason was given by a friend (who’s on valid disability from Verizon) who said, “We’re so boned, your $200/month won’t do any more harm.”

      Except to me.

      All these “conservatives” want the ‘free’ shit from the gov’t.

      The funniest was when I was trying to explain that Benghazi would not affect Hillary’s run for POTUS and this guy, who is on bullshit disability, food stamps and “free” healthcare, angrily called me a liberal.

      That’s why we’re boned,

  2. Lemur King says:

    Your failings aside, thank you for taking the same principled stand that some of my family did, which is to extend a middle finger to free money.

    My grandparents in their day would rather have starved than take help from the government and it was passed on to the rest of us. Mainly because our family recognized that in most cases “free” really is code for “control”.

    People who like your friend have zero options, I have no quarrel with. It is the people who expect to be given money without exhausting every last resource that I have a beef with. I left my wife of just a few months to go work for family in another state to allow her to finish her schooling when I was laid off. We were dead broke, not like Hillary.

    Who said “Life is hard. It is even harder if you are stupid”?

    I have found that it really isn’t bad being stupid as long as we learn from our stupidity.

    • veeshir says:

      My grandparents were from Italy, they definitely didn’t like taking “free” money, but they had some serious ‘luck’.

      My grandfather came her in 1926 or 1927, stayed till he saved up enough to go get my grandmother and his daughter, they got back to NYC in late 1929,

      It makes me laugh as I picture my 28 year old grandfather trying to explain how the streets really were paved with gold just 7 months ago and my grandmother smacking him on the head and calling him a liar.

      They took welfare for a little while, became managers/maintenance for their apt. building so they lived for free and made a living, they saved until they bought a little mart in NYC and then moved to upstate and had a bed and breakfast for hunters and fishermen in the Catskills.

      Me? I screwed up myself, I’m pissed enough at myself without taking other people’s money.

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