…They explained

Posted: July 7, 2014 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault

I think the Murrieta, CA deal is pretty darn big and Obama’s doing everything to make it worse.

Rather, he’s not doing anything to make it better so it’s going to get worse.

While Minitrue is doing their best to go after the protestors, this isn’t some people they can tar as “milishy” in Idaho, these are Californians in good standing and they’re being treated like crap.

…Mayor Alan Long. He said it’s unclear how many people are being sent to the town, but he anticipates that more people will be arriving there.

Mayor Long commended Border Control officials in the area for being helpful and passing along information as it comes in. On the national level, he said the Department of Homeland Security is keeping him “in the dark,” and he hasn’t heard from California Governor Jerry Brown (D).


The only information he’s getting is from the border folks who, it appears, are just passing along what they’re told, not what they’re told to tell the local gov’t, if you catch my meaning.

… They explained, in other words.

The feds and the CA gov’t are not communicating with local gov’t at all as protests are building and Obama goes to some fundraisers in Texas without even pretending he gives a shit about the border mess.


Seriously, an even semi-competent president would have already made sure the local gov’ts knew the deal and were onboard, but our imperial President Putt just doesn’t care.

As we can see in the Middle East, Asia and everywhere else, Obama is no longer interested in even pretending to be POTUS.

He’s checked out.. There’s nobody setting any overall control, it’s all unelected appointees and bureaucrats doing whatever the hell they want. (Hellooooo IRS!)

Which raises the funny question to go with that endiness of having a POTUS who can’t be assed to do his job.

Is it better for nobody to be POTUS than if Obama were to step down and make Joe Freaking Biden POTUS?

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