Posted: July 14, 2014 by veeshir in FAIL

Now I understand I don’t think of things the way others do, but seriously, is this as stupid as I think?

 The border crisis isn’t Obama’s Katrina – it’s worse


What does that mean?

To make clear, Katrina was a problem caused by the Democrats running New Orleans, the surrounding Parish and Louisiana that the media went all out to blame on Bush.


FEMA’s job is to show up and write checks, the Dems running the areas surrounding New Orleans skimmed money instead of making sure the levees were good, Ray Nagin did not follow the evacuation plan that New Orleans had and the Dem gov never even asked for help until after Bush had already sent it.


In other words, it was a Dem-caused debacle the media went all out to blame on Bush, to pretend otherwise is idiocy, ignorance and pushing the leftist narrative.


How can the debacle on the border be compared to that?


For the best coverage of Katrina, read this link from Protein Wisdom. It’s pitch perfect.

People might wonder why I have such a low opinion of Shepard Smith, Katrina was the beginning of my contempt for him. Especially since he thinks he deserves a Pulitzer for that coverage while I think he owes an apology for his shoddy reportage. He passed on every rumor he heard, from cannibalism to babies being raped in the Super Dome.

Hey Shep, and the rest of Foxnews and all of Minitrue, when your report begins with, “We can’t confirm this” it should stop there also. Put a period after “this“, you don’t report rumors you morons.

Shep is the worst on that, but they all do it anymore.

Important Update:
Dear World,
If you require a resume from an applicant do not also have a fucking application that lists all the same goddamned information!
I hate bureaucrats.
No, I fucking hate fucking asshole bureaucrats. You all suck.

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