Romney Was Right!!!!!!!11!1!!!1!!111!!!11!!!!!!!1111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted: July 15, 2014 by veeshir in GOP Win!

A repost from the previous election.
Notice that what fucking Romney is calling “fundamentally conservative” was where we are now in the health care “reform” dance.

And now, to how Romney Was All Right And Shit!!!!!!!!!1!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!!!111

And by “boned”, I mean fucked hard and put away sticky.

My contention on why I won’t vote for Romney is that he won’t undo what Obama is doing and a GOP Congress won’t want to fight a GOP president as hard as they’ll fight Obama.

From Ace’s post

And defending the mandate as “conservative,” every inch of the way, and actually showing uncharacteristic passion while doing so, is would-be Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

See? Romney is only going to want to “fix” what Obama’s done, not undo it. The GOP establishment likes over-arching gov’t control of everything just fine, they like the control too.

Once Congress is in the GOP hands, they can undo what Obama has done and will try to do, it’ll be easier to fight Mitch McConnell and John Boehner when we don’t have POTUS siding with them against us.

I really hope Perry makes a strong showing early because, and this kills me to write, he might be our only hope. I only see Gingrich, Perry and Romney as having a chance right now and that sucks. Gingrich has the will and the balls to undo what Obama’s done, I just don’t know if he has the desire. Perry is weak as hell on immigration but he understands what makes America work, and it’s not gov’t. Gov’t can only get out of the way to let America work.

We are so boned. Need some hotassery.

Mmmmmm, Kayleee

Mmmmmm 7 of 9

mmmmmmmmm T’Pol.


  1. Leonard Jones says:

    I do not know who to trust with my vote in 2016. When the special election
    in California resulted in the election of Governor Bicep, I was thrilled. He
    was by all outward appearances, the ideal conservative candidate. The story
    about him buying dozens of copies of F.A. Hayek’s Road To Serfdom and
    giving them to friends and family members in his yout gave me a Chris Mathews
    “Thrill up my leg.”

    He put forth 4 common sense reforms on the ballot. The libs and unions
    spent tens of millions to defeat them all. I can see a man corrupted by power
    or the need to please everyone, they are called RINO’s. I did not expect
    Arnold Black-plowman to be a Kangaroo. If a male Kangaroo challenges the
    dominant male and gets his ass kicked, it is all over for the loser. He will
    never fight again and he will never get laid.

    The ENTIRE Republican party establishment is on the verge of following
    the musclebound oaf into the annals of obscurity. They are expending more
    effort to defeat the TEA Party candidates than they are in defeating the
    leftist / collectivists Democrats. All you have to do is look at 6 elections
    in recent history to see witch path the GOP should take:

    Two massive electoral landslides for Richard M. Nixon in 1968 and 1972:

    1968 EV count: 520 vs 17. McGovern managed to take Taxatwoshits and
    DC, with one VA. elector going to a third party candidate. Score 1 landslide
    for Tricky Dick.

    1972 EV count: 301 to 191 with one elector going to a third party
    candidate in NC. McGovern got 13 states to Nixon’s 31, with 4 states
    (All of which would have gone to Nixon) going to Wallace and one elector
    from NC going to another third party candidate. In both elections, Nixon
    won California.

    Two massive landslides for Governor Ronald Reagan in California:

    In 1966, Ronald Reagan ran against the father of our now current governor,
    the lifelong homosexual Jerry Brown. It was no contest! Pat Brown took
    only Alameda and Plumas out of 58 counties.

    In 1970, Jesse Unruh and ten other people on the ballot managed to take
    10 counties away from Ronald Reagan, who won handily.

    Two massive landslides for Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984:

    Carter was such a failure, he only took 6 states and DC for a total
    EV count of 49 to Reagan’s 489. Reagan even took California.

    In 1984 Reagan takes California again and delivers the largest electoral
    landslide since the election of George Washington. Mondale takes
    his home state of Minnasocold and DC for an EV count of 13 to
    Reagan’s 525.

    P.J. Or’Rourke commented on the drubbing Mondale took in 1984:

    “Mondale got his ass stomped like a Narc at a biker rally. He only won 13
    electors. I didn’t even run and I nearly beat him.”

    Do I have to draw a fucking picture for the GOP? The way to win is to
    clearly articulate a conservative message as Nixon and Reagan did.
    Reagan did not win 2 and 10 counties in California in two sequential elections
    by promising to be just a little less liberal than a Democrat gubernatorial

    Nixon did not win CA, WI, OR, OH, NM, NJ, CO, DE and IL in 1968 by
    campaigning as Democrat light. He also did not win every fucking state
    in America except Massachusetts in 1972 by sticking his finger into the
    wind and see what the N.Y. times had to say about the election.

    Then came Reagan: He won all but 6 states, including the New England
    states that are now Democrat occupied zones with the exception of MD and RI
    in 1980. In 1984, Reagan took every state except Mondale’s home state of
    Minnesota. Does the GOP even know what it takes to win? When even the
    best of them are afraid of being called racists, bigots, sexist, homophobes
    in the pages of the NY or LA Times, and have abandoned their core
    principals, we are left with a bunch of elitist pricks in the Senate who have
    long ago lost their ability or desire to fight for what is right!

    What is right is the constitution. We need to fill as many seats in congress
    as we can with TEA Party candidates and put the senate on notice that we are
    coming for them next! This is in my opinion, the only way to save the republic.

    Sorry for the rant, but America is a concept too important to lose by default!

    If the GOP is going to give up without firing a shot, they deserve to lose.

    PS Fuck you Arnold!

  2. veeshir says:

    I’d say right now the really important elections are for governor and state gov’t.

    DC is lost to rationality and reality, when the unsustainable arc we’re progressing along meets unforgiving reality the governors are going to be very important.

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