Wah Tafok Ingdoush

Posted: August 6, 2014 by veeshir in Obama's Fault, Win!

Live Obama Press Conference AT 5pm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veeshir writes at 6:14. (all times Eastern)

He has to make sure we all know how important he is and how much beneath his notice we are.

If he were actually on time, we might not realize that.

I’m going to try to listen, I just don’t see it happening. I’m going to update until I can’t take it any longer.

I mean, I’ll ignore his boilerplate bullshit about Africa (sub-Saharan Africa but he probably doesn’t realize that Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco are on the African continent).

My prediction for first question? I got nothing, it should be Putin, ebola, IRS, illegal immigration or something important, it will not be.



He named a reporter and then looked for her.

Scripted questions from favored propagandists are what banana republic assholes do.

You know, like Obama.


John Karl makes sure we know that it’s all Congress’ fault that Obama has to do what he said was bad about Bush.

Now he’s lying about how he’s working with the private sector to fix the infrastructure.

I’m outta here.

Important Update:

Surprisingly enough, this song sounds better when done by Hayseed Dixie than by Queen.

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