News From 2008

Posted: August 12, 2014 by veeshir in FAIL, Funniest End of Civilization Evah

Drudge links this as an “Expert” Expert of what? Elucidating the obvious?

The President suffers from two fundamental flaws. The first is that he is unwilling to make decisions.


Huh, wait you mean President Present, the man who voted “Present” most of the time in his legislative career, doesn’t like to make decisions? The man who always tells both sides in every conflict to step back (including during his race against McCain about Iran) isn’t decisive?


But wait, this ‘expert’ is not done telling us what we knew in 2008!

The second is that he fundamentally misunderstands the use of force in international affairs.

Really? This inexperienced, far left, Chicago-machine politician whose first act was to go on a world apology tour doesn’t understand that America is a force for good in the world?


Geez, I guess as with everything else, the term “expert’ is debased.

The only funny part is that anybody saying this in 2008 was a racist.

As we all know, being right too soon is one of the worst crimes anybody can commit.


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