Romney says things under Obama’s second term have turned out even worse than he expected.

I on the other hand, am somewhat surprised things aren’t worse domestically than they are. I, a weak-ass pasty white nerd, for the first time in my life, bought a gun.  And will buy more.  Frankly, I wish I hadn’t waited so long, but some of you morons were out buying up ALL TEH WEAPONZ.

Things may not be absolutely terrible yet, but we’re getting there.  We’re getting there.

I guess Romney kind of has to say what he did, because it would be poor form to say, “I’ll be in my billion dollar bunker, waiting for the muthafuckin’ apocalypse. Peace out.”

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  1. veeshir says:

    Romney saying that is particularly rich, considering that during the election he refused to bring up all that crap. He went “positive’ instead of hitting Obama for his lawlessness.

    I’d say what has surprised me the most is how much he gets away with.

    His Berghdahl trade was illegal, yawn.
    Blatant lies about Obamadebaclecare. yawn.
    Fast and Furious. Yawn
    IRS targeting people because of their politics. Yawn.
    More other things than I really want to remember. Yawn.

    Seriously, he can do whatever he wants,

    There will be no repercussions for anything his admin is doing and has done.

    So I’d say the fecklessness of the GOP is what surprises me more.

  2. The fecklessness of the GOP is part of the game plan. NO ONE wants to give back the power — not the GOP, and certainly not the Dems — but the stupid pipples are starting to grumble about the blatant corruption and world-ending foreign policy crap going on…so the GOP step up to play the role of “Oh, shucks, we would TOTALLY be fightin’ all this blatant corruption and lawlessness if we just had the votes, we really are on your side, Mr. Little Pipples…TRUST US! Oh!…and while you’re trusting us, send money ’cause even though it’s our fucking job, we need you to keep sending money for us to do a god damn thing about it.”

    I honestly believe that the GOP doesn’t even want to take the Senate, because then they would actually have to do something except wring their hands and ask for more money while America burns. And our Boy-King golfs. The GOP has been quite happy playing second fiddle to Nero’s musical composition, confident that they will be guaranteed their seats at the table when the hammer slams down on the rest of us.

    • veeshir says:

      I honestly believe that the GOP doesn’t even want to take the Senate

      Especially since it might bring in some of them tea party assholes.

      Senate GOP assholes would rather work with Dems than wacko-birds like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

  3. And Socklessjoe…it’s never (or almost never) too late to join us redneck gun lovers. I’ve even used the laser on my .38 to run my little dog around in the backyard because he loves to chase the red light. There are all sorts of fun things you can do with a gun. HAHA!

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