Burying The Lede

Posted: August 24, 2014 by veeshir in Uncategorized

In this story about a 4 year old child named Daniel Tragerman being killed by rockets mortars fired from Terrorstan is this sentence:

Gila said her son Daniel was very disciplined when it came to rocket sirens.

4 year old children in Israel have to be taught to run from rockets and mortars fired from their neighbors.

That’s horrific.

Imagine having to teach your pre-schooler to run and hide in a bomb shelter whenever Terrorstanians decide to lob some missiles or mortars at your home.  I can’t. Mostly because I would be lobbying for my gov’t to kill all the savages who think it’s hunky-dory to lob missiles at my home.

In Gaza, they round up 4 year olds to get the death count up.

And that’s another reason why I couldn’t care any less what Israel does to and in Terrorstan.

They’re vicious savages who need to be taught to play nice with civilized nations.

Saw the link at Ace’s ONT.


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