Posted: September 10, 2014 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Obama's Fault

Important Update Below!!!!!!!!

So, how boned are we?

I saw Bob Beckel on the Five earlier flat out declare that ISIS cannot threaten America. He laughed, ha-HA!, at the very idea.

Now, from reading Stephen Green’s drunktweeting of Obama’s speech, I see this.

“ISIL poses a threat to Iraq and Syria…” and MAYBE to the US, eventually, someday. So we have that going for us, which is nice.

Apcray, You realize what that means? We’re sure to get hit tomorrow.

And worse, they’ve been coming in through the southern border, I live on the southern border and I have to drive across Phoenix tomorrow, from the East Valley to north west Phoenix. You all saw my commute on Monday night’s news by the way. Luckily, that wasn’t the roof of my car you saw.

So my sense of irony and appreciation of the facets of the FEOCE say I have a good chance of having to fight off a terrorist attack tomorrow. I hope it’s on the way home, I need the money.


I will say I hope he arms jihadis in Syria. What that country/area needs are more small arms. Let’s shake up that bottle of scorpions and get them fighting each other again.


The whole speech looked pretty embarrassing.

ISIL is a terrorist organization… with no vision.” Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck he still doesn’t get it

Mam am I glad I swore off POTUSpeeches long ago.

So we’re back to Clinton’s strategery with added death-dealing RC skybombery.

I thought I was making a funny when I said it was turning into all the worst parts of the 90s along with looking as if we’d lost the Cold War.

Makes me wonder if I’m going to be yelling “Wolverines!” at some point in the future.



I Lied It’s Not All That Important Just Pretty Darn Funny Update!!!!!!! 

One year ago today Obama said we should bomb Syria now he’s saying we bomb Syria’s enemies today.


He does like to fight both sides of any war after all. Allah noticed it.

  1. Nicole says:

    “with no vision” Yeah, other than to be medieval savages and kill everyone who isn’t them. I despair that I’ll ever not have to hear that man’s voice. He’ll be everywhere once he is out of office. If we make it that long. I hope your commute was not terroristy. I was checking news more today than I have been and I didn’t see anything…

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    I have started referring to Obonzo as President Merkin Muffly, as in one of the characters
    played by Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove. Set aside for a moment that Stanley Kubrick
    had a wicked sense of humor to name the liberal president “Female pubic wig-pubic hair
    patch,” but it is a very apt description of contemporary liberals.

    Notice that President Muffly was portrayed as a cautious and reasonable man, even though
    he would not OK the preemptive nuclear strike that would save 85 percent of American’s.

    George C. Scott on the other hand was portrayed as a wild eyed ranting lunatic, yet he was
    the guy who proposed saving the nation. (This was before they learned of the doomsday
    device) General Turgidson was also a play on words with turgid meaning “Inflated, overblown,
    or pompous; bombastic. Or possibly a swollen dick.

    When President Muffly says ISIS / ISIL is not Islamic and Lurch over at the state department
    says that we are not at war with ISIS / ISIL, you are dealing delusion on an astronomical
    scale! Jimmy Carter was a buffoon, but these two fuck-wits are showing dangerous levels
    of insanity. When I was 20, I worked for a while as an orderly in a sanitarium. Every one of
    the nuts I worked with would take one look at these two pricks and ask “And I’m the crazy one?”

    I have a funny feeling that Stanley Kubrick may have been a stealth conservative.

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