Ze Funny, She Burns!

Posted: October 7, 2014 by veeshir in Edumakashun, Funniest End of Civilization Evah

Via Doug Ross’ Larwyn’s Lynx, we see the Quote Of The Day.

A prominent conservative political pundit (George Freaking Will V) was uninvited from speaking at Scripps College, in a program designed to promote conservative views on campus, because of his conservative views.


The funniest part? Most of America would not have any idea why the rest of us  find that so funny.


It’s even funnier that it’s George Will. I’d bet a dollar he agrees with the Dem leadership more than most Dem voters do.

  1. The ideas of conservatism are being demonized and marginalized to the extent that most people not only don’t understand why we find that HI-larious…it’s worse – most people don’t even understand why it is noteworthy. Conservatives, even lukewarm conservatives, have no business being allowed to speak anywhere, especially at a forum on conservative ideas.

    • Veeshir says:

      Lefties prefer to run both sides of any argument.
      They find it easier to win that way.

      The worst part is that it’s not really funny.

      But it it is.

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