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Posted: October 15, 2014 by veeshir in GOP Win!, Notes on the Revolution

I’m in a pissy mood update below!!!!!!!!

I’m not trying to pick on Ace, but his link is the one that made me decide to write this post. I’ve seen variations on this for years.

The GOP might have to confront a new reality: That Democrats are actually Better Voters than Republicans, and that we can perhaps expect a reversal of the previous rule that you could shift four points from the Democrat to Republican in a poll to reflect Republicans’ higher propensity to turn out.


Yeah, or maybe the GOP could realize that many people who vote Republican do not think of themselves as Republicans.

Dems vote for Dems not matter what they do. The Democratic party worked itself into a frenzy for 8 years over Bush and now Obama is doing all the stuff they accused Bush of (unilateral war, taking our freedoms) and they’re still voting Dem in droves.

Conservatives need a reason to vote for Republicans, that (R) is not enough.

Since the GOP has been shitting on us since at least 2001, fuck em.

Far as I’m concerned they can go screw.

I used to think they just wanted to destroy the country more slowly than the Dems, but after 5  years of the McConnell/ Boehner clusterfuck, I realize they don’t give shit one about the country, they care about themselves, their perks and the ones who give them big checks, not the people who give them more money they just give less in each check.

In other words, thousands of conservatives give more money than one big donor but whose dick does the GOP suck?

Not mine, they spend their time calling me names.

So if they want their voters to be better, they should try being better votees.


Bitchy Update!!!!!!!

MEGAN MCARDLE: Don’t Care About The Deficit? Now You Should.


Megan, recall, was for the stimulizing and even for more stimulizing, and now she’s worried about the deficit.

I stopped reading her back in about 05 when she went all, “My super-elite friend said global worming is real so you idjits need to accept the Science Is Settled!!!!” so I really should just ignore her the way I ignore Althouse for being a nitwit about Obama (Ooops, stopped ignoring), but sometimes watching one of our Best And Brightest being so fucking clueless gets me pissy.



  1. Leonard Jones says:

    The sad reality is that if a GOP candidate articulates an unapologetic conservative
    agenda, he wins in a landslide (Even in deep blue states.) If the 4 million Republican
    voters who voted for McCain had voted for Romney in the last election, Obonzo would
    be out of office right now. I lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of the campaign
    consultants who advise candidates to blow off the blue states!

    One of my best buddies went off the deep end and surrendered to the Bush Derangement
    Syndrome. He was one of the most rock ribbed conservatives I have ever met, yet he
    was one of those who stayed home because McCain and Romney were less than 100%
    candidates. I will take an 80% conservative against a 100% Marxist Leninist communist
    ANY DAY! The rigid single issue voters on our side helped to elect President Merkin
    Muffly in two elections!

    Even if the expected wave election comes to pass in November, the memories of the
    voters are short, so this may not help us in 2016. My rod-smoking homosexual governor
    (Jerry Brown) took advantage of one loophole to be elected to a third tern despite
    a two term limit. He also took advantage of the fact that he was so unpopular that
    we passed term limits in order to limit the kind of damage he did back in the 70’s
    In other words, he waited until there were enough voters who were not even born
    back when he was destroying the economy of this state.

  2. veeshir says:

    he did back in the 70’s
    In other words, he waited until there were enough voters who were not even born
    back when he was destroying the economy of this state.

    I’m sorry, but that made me LOL it did.
    And I almost never LOL.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    I was commenting on the short attention span of voters in general, but also an entire generation that never knew about about his past record. Conservatives will never win unless they fire
    their idiot advisers, and drop that “Run from the right in the primary and from the center
    in the general” bullshit. That and put every state in play and run on core conservative
    principals. That is the winning strategy.

    Even if we pick up the senate next month, can you tell me what principals the GOP is
    campaigning on? There are none. We are not Obama is not a positive message.
    We could lose it all in 2016 if people are not inspired. This is something Ronald
    Reagan understood. We would never have been saddled with president Zero
    if McCain and Romney actually campaigned against Obonzo.

    How did a Marxist community organizer beat a decorated war hero (Whatever you think
    about McCain, this should have been a blow-out!) If the strategy is not to call Obozo
    out on his past for fear of being called a racist, the battle was over before it began.

    • vaitguy says:

      Steve Schmidt –> “Conservatives will never win unless they fire
      their idiot advisers, and drop that ” So agree with that… Why Palin went “rogue” because of that smug prick’s advice to McCain. The world is upside down, and you are absolutely right when saying the R’s have no talking points, no plan, and therefore no strategy. Its pathetic and frustrating.

  4. veeshir says:

    Hell, they’re not even talking about repealing Obamadebaclecare. Think of how many votes that would get them. They’re mostly hoping people think they’re going to repeal it.

    All they’re doing is holding useless hearings that do not accomplish jack shit.
    They’re throwing fish to get us to clap…..
    Scratch that, they’re throwing fake fish to get us to clap, their hearings are going nowhere and are not meant to go anywhere.

    If the GOP takes over, they’re going to try to fix what Obama’s done instead of undo it.

    They like overarching control of our lives just fine, they just want to be the ones in control.

    I refuse to help people fit me for chains.
    And if you say not voting helps the Dems, voting helps the GOP take control of the chains the Dems are busy installing.

    Fuck Them All. I’m just waiting for the end at this point, we cannot fix what’s happened, only reality can at this point.

    We can’t even cut the rate of increase in the budget.

    Going a $trillion+ in debt a year is unsustainable.
    As the Puppy Blender used to say all the time: what can’t go on, won’t.

  5. Leonard Jones says:

    Veeshir, you are right on all of the points you covered. I still believe we have a chance
    to turn the tide. Even in the People’s Republic of California, Obummercare is a 60
    percent issue. So is illegal immigration, opposition to gun control and gay marriage.

    It is not enough to hear a Reaganite say the words. The establishment Republicans ‘
    have to give in to the limited government types and mean it! If we had a president
    who could deliver like Reagan did, we could go a long way solving these problems
    but it will take a willing party to back back him up.

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