Things I would rather sell than magazines for my kids’ school fundraiser

Posted: October 17, 2014 by aliceaitch in Anklebiting rugrats, Random Crap

A winecoat. Not to be confused with a winehouse, we’re not digging up dead bodies today.


Or, if you’d prefer your wine not from a box, here’s a wine bottle holder.


Jewelry for your best friend.


Gummy…er…lighthouses? Happy Sailor indeed.


Vulva portrait pendants. Just in case no one has brought vulva cookies to your child’s school.


  1. DaveInTampa says:

    I always hated doing that, the last couple of years I just put down names of people & threw in the cash myself…

  2. veeshir says:

    I buy just about anything any kids are selling, I sold too much crap to not do so.

    ‘ll buy the overpriced chocolate, the crappy Christmas ornaments and, of course, all the Girl Scout cookies I can get my greasy fingers on.

    Except magazines, I won’t buy them. I

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