Don’t Forget To Vote

Posted: November 3, 2014 by veeshir in Uncategorized


Me? I think voting for governor and sheriff are the most important, voting for Congress is useless. The GOP couldn’t fix anything even if they wanted,.

Your governor and sheriff are the most important people when reality decides to fix the problems.


The lawless assholes in the Orwellian-named “Justice” Dept is sending election monitors to Maricopa county.

If they were actually a Justice Department, they’d send monitors to Maryland or Illinois where voting machines change votes from GOP to Dem, but they’re lawless assholes who use all the power of the federal gov’t to help the (anti-)Democratic Party.

Liberal Logic has a (n) (im)pertinent


I voted, it was a cool election, see last note.

voted for Governor, and, so help me, I voted GOP for Congress. I was going to vote Libertarian, but I think the Libertarian in this district is a Dem who’s just trying to get the Dem elected.

I got to vote against some judges on the AZ Supreme Court and Appeals Court. I liked that.

I didn’t vote for a bunch of offices I didn’t know about, especially where there was only a Republican running. No sense making them think I like them.

On the initiatives:

I voted against pay raises for legislators (YAY!),

I also voted against the local school district spending more than they are budgeted.

As a teacher, why did I do that?

Because the schools spend too much money on crap that’s not part of their core mission (teaching students), so allowing them to blow through their budget just encourages them to hire another diversity outreach coordinator and staff.

I voted for the initiative that made it against AZ law to enforce federal laws that are unConstitutional,

That made my day.  Now when Obama gins up his controversy to take my guns (the one they fucked up on with Fast and Furiious), my local sheriff with have the legal justification to tell them to go fuck themselves.

He’s inclined that way anyway (I call him Arpaio’s Minime), but this way it’s all legal and shit.

Viva La Revolucion!

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