“Once more into the fray—into the last good fight I’ll ever know”

Posted: November 3, 2014 by Edward von Bear in Conservatism, Filthy Hippies

Many times on this site and elsewhere, I have documented the impact of my daughter and her life upon my own and my zeal to do whatever I can to make her life better than mine. As part of the never-ending series of events that have shaped my life as a result of being a parent, several over the last two years have reshaped my life and changed my focus.

One of the greatest tests of a parent is to let your child go and hope that you have provided her with the upbringing and tools to handle the troubles that the world throws at a child, all while hoping that they come home safe at the end of the day, ready to start anew with the sunrise. For me, that all came home a few months ago when, for the second time in her life, I had to watch through a glass barrier as she had to recover from a medical challenge, and the helplessness I felt as I realized I couldn’t protect her as medical professionals worked to help her, burned a feeling inside of me I thought I had put away.  Not only did I feel fear, but I also became angry. I became so angry, that anger bled over to hate: hate for the recipients of liberalism who caused this (and, no, I will not discuss what happened), and hate for those who allowed this to happen.

Thankfully, she has made a full recovery, and after some post treatment, is back in school and a regular 4th grader who just tested as a 7th grade reading level and a 5th grade math & science. She is fine, and I am relieved. But I also thought about what I could do to prevent, as much as I could, anyone else to have to go through this helplessness via the legal means available. And that brought me to today. I have been away from this site for some time. I have been away from many sites for a while, and my life focus now stresses that I probably limit my exposure even more. All that said, I put myself in the position of considering what I can do to protect her yet again and so my best to halt that which threatens all of us. Yes, it may be futile and useless, the candidates will disappoint, and the politicians will suck, but voting is all I can do at this point. Voting to remove as much as possible, or limit it at worst, the liberalism that endangers us all. And besides, futile gestures are better than nothing at all.

So, to that end, I offer that tomorrow will be one more chance to stand up via the legal and electoral process to protect our country. And at the same time telling the left and its destructive minions a simple message:

FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! Flamefuckingly fuck you forfuckingever for fucking this country and its people over for the last six fucking yeatrs. Fuck you for sneering at us as you continue to try to fuck us. And flugelfuck you with the flying fuckbeagle of fucking freedom as we try to keep you from fucking us even more.

ISIS? Fuck you.

Ebola? Fucking fluidfuck you.

Bumblefucking through debt/shitty healthcare/international embarrassment? Mindfuck you in a way that even the cast of “Girls” won’t like.

Vote fraud and attacking critics? fuck you with a hamster’s lice infested wheel.

And trying to play the race and gender cards in insultingly stupid ways? No fucking way.

Look, it may not lead to much, but no fucking way can I look into my daughter’s room tonight as she sleeps the sleep of damaged innocence to prepare for tomorrow and tell her that I didn’t do all I could for her. No fucking way can I look *myself* in the mirror that I didn’t do all that I could either. And no fucking way will I fucking let my voice be overwhelmed by fraud and corruption without me at least having a say along the way.

Things may suck royal fucking ass right fucking now, but I refuse to let things go without at least doing what I can. If nothing more than blocking liberalism’s advances can occur tomorrow, then I am fine with that until 2016. I will do this for my family, my country, and everyone else, even if they don’t fucking want it at the moment. And then, I will go read with my daughter and work with her on her book report. Meanwhile, I wish you all the best, urge you to vote the fuckers who fucked us over out, and see you down the road.

Fuck the left,


  1. DaveInTampa says:

    Glad to see you back Mr Bear.

    And I’m glad your daughter’s well.

    Hardest thing I ever had to do was let my son go off to college, it was loosing my best friend. I find I have to restrain myself daily from calling, texting, etc…have to let him live his life. I know it’s the right thing to do but it’s very hard.

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  3. Sobek says:


    *happy dance*

  4. Cathy says:


    Eddie Bear I miss you. Hugs for your bright and lovely daughter.

  5. ChrisP says:

    Happy that she is back!
    Welcome home!

  6. lauraw says:

    May the flying fuckbeagle of fucking freedom ever soar. Good to see you Eddiebear!!

  7. Jim Scrummy says:

    That was effing AWESOME! I will be using some of the new and improved f-bombs.

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