Why’d I Say That?

Posted: November 18, 2014 by veeshir in Democratic morality, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP Win!, Notes on the Revolution

A few posts ago, while talking about Obama ‘destroying the Democratic party” (Just like Clinton in the 90s) I wrote

See, once the Dems get power they don’t care all that much about keeping it, they care about advancing their agenda.

If anybody had actually read it, they probably though I was idiot.

Or rather, they thought I was more of an idiot.

What I meant was that, with gerrymandering, the leadership in both parties are in ‘safe’ districts. That means that it is extremely unlikely they’ll lose their re-election bid. they can  only be primaried and not voted out in the general election.

Case in point.

Rep Tammy Duckworth lost two legs fighting in Iraq when her helicopter went down in 2004. She is now pregnant (in the last month of her pregnancy) and her doctors tell her not to travel. That means she must stay in her District until the child is born in next few weeks. Here is the outrage: Democrats will NOT let her vote by proxy (absentee ballot) when they have their vote for House Democratic Leadership positions. OUTRAGEOUS! And this is not about a bill on the Floor of House, it is their ‘student council’ vote — who will have what leadership roles among House Democrats. Leader Pelosi needs to fix this PRONTO.


All Pelosi and Boehner care about are their perks and power, they couldn’t give a shit about their foot-soldiers.

Recall Denny Hastert, he had that attitude. Too bad his loss didn’t wake up Boehner. And that’s why I don’t think Boehner will do crap about Obamacare, he has his agenda and it has very little to do with what the GOP claims to care about.

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