Fuck Me?

Posted: January 7, 2015 by veeshir in GOP Win!

No! Fuck You!

Hours after 24 Republicans voted against Boehner, GOP leaders removed two members from a key committee. By late Tuesday, Reps. Daniel Webster and Richard Nugent, both of Florida, were stripped from the powerful House Rules Committee…

I can truthfully say I knew it was coming, Establishment Pricks are nothing if not venal and vindictive assholes.

I love this bit.

“It’s outrageous,” Gohmert told the Washington Examiner. “I thought maybe we were actually going to be able to work together, but if people are going to be punished for representing their district, there is another big fight about to happen.”

As Boehner and McConnell are talking about working with the people who were just trounced in an election they’re working against the people who won it.

I haven’t seen any speculation, but the fact that so many Dems missed the vote means that more votes were needed to defeat Boehner, did Nancy Pelosi just work with Boehner to defeat the GOP?

All signs point to yes!/magic 8-ball.

The Establishment pricks are pissed off at the people they ostensibly represent.

They know better than we, and just because more than $1 trillion/year deficit is utterly unsustainable doesn’t mean they have to change anything, it means we need to shut up.

I am more sure that pretty soon we’ll have the We’re Better and Smarter Than You Party, made up of the establishment pricks in both parties and at least a conservative party.  I do see them (added: The Establishment Pricks) calling it the Unity Party, ala Pournelle’s CoDominium’s world.

All the Establishment Pricks at least mouth the platitudes leftists like so they might not split off a lefty party but I just can’t see conservatives continuing supporting assholes who so obviously feel nothing but contempt for them.

Via Doug Ross’ always infuriating Larwyn’s Linx.

Update! Jeffrey Goldstein uses his tongue prettier than a $10 whore.

All of which is just a run-up to the takeaway of this post: I have too much pride and conviction to be a RINO. And yet, that’s where my position as a constitutionalist and classical liberal has left me.

So rather than be a hypocrite, or a fringe embarrassment, I will just say this: sayonara, national GOP. You don’t need me anyway, so you’ll take it as no real unkindness if I say I’m just not into you anymore. Now get dressed and take off. Your money’s on the dresser.

He also has class, I’m not leaving any money on the dresser.

  1. Dave in Indiana says:

    It just means that those retaliated against have less or nothing to lose, therefor more incentive to buck the elitist GOP pricks.

  2. Veeshir says:

    True, but it also lets other would-be thinkers-for-themselvesers to think twice before thinking.

  3. Nicole says:

    If he’d shown that much nasty prickishness in dealing with the Democrats as he does in dealing with his own party, he might not have even faced a mini-mutiny.

  4. veeshir says:

    If wishes was horses we’d all be eating steak.

  5. mysterian says:

    I remember it as a $10 Kansas City whore….

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