Rudy speaks

Posted: February 21, 2015 by socklessjoe in Fun With Media, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP FAIL

Rudy Giuliani’s remarks about Obama’s socialist influences and less-than-love for America ought to be completely unremarkable.

Unfortunately, they seem to be remarkable to many.

Everything Rudy said was well-documented in 2008 as Obama rose to stardom. The problem is that Our Betters both in the GOP and the MSM thought that stating the obvious fact of Obama’s socialism was beyond the pale. And so, now when Rudy speaks truth, still nobody is prepared to hear it since we were never allowed to establish the groundwork in 2008.

  1. Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder says:

    What’s remarkable is that the remarks made it onto television.
    A quarter of the country says this stuff in casual, daily conversation.
    New editors and producers hear it all the time as well, and devote their
    professional lives to concealing it, trying to make sensible people
    feel odd and alone in their thoughts.
    It hain’t working anymore; we gots an internet.

    For now.

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